Template:Character Soldier York is a trainer for beginners in District 13. The group she oversees is mainly made up of fourteen- or fifteen-year-olds with the exception of Katniss Everdeen and Johanna Mason who struggle to keep up with their peers. It is Soldier York's recommendation for an exam that ultimately decides whether or not Katniss and Johanna are fit for a mission to the Capitol.

Katniss initially struggles with the training due to a previous injury. Soldier York, in an effort to help Katniss succeed in training, sends Katniss to the hospital for a treatment to speed the healing process which is administered by twenty-four needle injections to the rib cage. Under York's direction, Katniss and Johanna begin to excel in training. York goes on to recommend Katniss and Johanna for an exam that consists of four parts: an obstacle course that assesses your physical condition, a written tactics exam, a test of weapons proficiency, and a simulated combat situation in the Block (an artificial Capitol city block). The last part of the exam in the Block targets each individual's weakness. Katniss' weakness was following orders but she obeyed an order in the simulation and therefore passed her exam. Johanna, on the other hand, did not pass. Her weakness was water after being traumatized by the Capitol by being soaked with water and then electrocuted. When they flooded the street on the Block it caused her to have a flashback and she became confused, not knowing where she was.

Physical descriptionEdit

She is a no-nonsense, middle-aged woman.

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