Template:Character Woof was the District 8 tribute for the 75th Hunger Games, as well as the victor of a previous, unmentioned Hunger Games. He was a mentor for District 8 tributes who competed after him.

75th Hunger GamesEdit

After being reaped to participate in the third Quarter Quell alongside many other past victors including fellow district 8 tribute Cecelia, Woof was brought to the Capitol for his training before the games, as well as the interview and chariot parade. During the interview Woof and all the other past victors linked hands to show their strength.

During practice, Woof stayed close to Cecelia and pretty soon the pair invited Katniss to join them at the edible bug station. It seemed to Katniss that Woof was oblivious to what was happening as he kept trying to eat poisonous bugs rather than safer ones, thus she decided he would be a bad choice for an ally.

In the arena, Woof was situated next to Katniss but he was slow to get off his platform and to the Cornucopia, as he did not do so until after Katniss, Peeta, Finnick and Mags had already left. It was shown later that night that Woof had died in the bloodbath at the Cornucopia as well as Seeder, Cecelia, the male morphling and many other friends to the surviving tributes. It is unknown who killed Woof and how they accomplished it. It is revealed at the end of Catching Fire that Woof was part of the alliance of victors that wanted to keep Katniss alive to ultimately start the rebellion and end the Games forever.


Woof was described by Katniss to be an old Tribute, much like Seeder and Mags, who was hard of hearing and had started to lose his ability to focus. He was generally not seen as a threat during the third Quarter Quell, and killed quite fast.


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