Template:QuoteTemplate:Character Venia is a part of the District 12 prep team. She works alongside the other team members to prepare Katniss to appear before the public.


Venia is one of the members of Katniss' prep team, along with Flavius and Octavia. They initially prepare her to be dressed by Cinna for the ceremonies associated with the Games, and later help Katniss prepare for her appearances in her role as the mockingjay.

The Hunger GamesEdit

Venia is one of the members of Katniss' prep team. She is disgusted by Katniss' rough appearance and often comments on it. During the time she and the prep team prepare Katniss for Cinna's initial examination; she appreciates Katniss's endurance during the pain of her body-hair being removed. Before the interviews, she and the rest of the prep team go to the training building to prepare Katniss again so Cinna can begin designing her dress for the interviews with Caesar Flickerman. The prep team is ecstatic when Katniss returns alive from the Games and welcomes her back with love. They again prepare her prior to her final interview.

Catching FireEdit

Venia was excited for Katniss since for her first year of being a mentor she would have to mentor the tributes for the Third Quarter Quell. Venia went along with the others on the Victory tour to assist Cinna in dressing Katniss. Venia, along with Flavius and Octavia, arrive early to Katniss' new home in the Victors' Village to get her ready for her wedding dress shoot. During that time Katniss discovered that more districts had been rebelling, based on their comments. Venia and the other members were conversing about not having seafood for weeks, electronic gadgets or fabric they needed and Katniss was able to figure out it was because of rebellion in those districts. Venia did not cry when President Snow announced that the Third Quarter Quell would reap past victors, meaning Katniss would have participate since she is the only living female victor for District 12. Venia stayed strong and held in her tears. Venia said her final goodbyes to Katniss before she entered the arena.


Venia, along with the other members of the prep team, was taken hostage by District 13. President Coin thought she would be doing Katniss a favor if she captured and tortured them for her. Flavius, Venia and Octavia were fed but not enough, so Octavia stole a loaf of bread and was caught. The prep team was thus taken into a room and beaten until Gale distracted the guard and Katniss entered the room to discover her prep team. Katniss demanded that they be taken to her mother for treatment. Venia recovered, thanks to Mrs. Everdeen, but was still terribly fearful. Venia and the others prepared and dressed Katniss for the role of the mockingjay. She trembled constantly, still scared of what had happened to them, but trusted Katniss. Katniss took them to eat and would often eat with them. The prep team assembled again after President Snow was tried, found guilty and sentenced to be executed. They dressed Katniss up in her mockingjay uniform and watched her during the trial. After President Coin and Snow died, Flavius, Venia, and Octavia most likely went back to the Capitol.


During the 74th Hunger Games and 75th Hunger Games, she worked in the prep team on Katniss Everdeen under the lead of the head stylist, Cinna. Her co-workers, Flavius and Octavia, worked alongside her to transform Katniss to fit the Capitol's liking.

Physical appearanceEdit

In The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, Venia is described as thin and angular, having aqua spiked hair and gold tattoos above her eyebrows. In Mockingjay, after being held captive by District 13, Katniss sees that her aqua hair lies flat instead of in spikes and the roots are growing in gray. She is about 40 years old.


Venia seems to be the strongest of Katniss' prep team as she is left to work on Katniss alone before the 75th Games when the rest of her team succumbs to their despondency at her once again being thrust into the arena. She does not let her emotions get the better of her until she is dismissed by Cinna.

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