Template:CharacterThe girl is Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark's daughter. She has a younger brother, who is referred to as "the boy". Their first names are unknown and not mentioned by the author.


In Catching Fire, Peeta made up Katniss' pregnancy to try to protect her from the games. Katniss said she'd miscarried. However, 15 years after the events of Mockingjay, about at age 32, Katniss became pregnant for real. Katniss describes terrible fear at the feeling of her daughter moving inside her during her pregnancy. The only medicine to heal this fear was finally holding her baby in her arms. She has dark hair like Katniss, and blue eyes, like Peeta. At first, Katniss did not want children at all, but Peeta pined for them and she gave in. It is shown in the epilogue that Katniss truly loves her children, and loves that they can live without the Games. However, she is remorseful, in that someday, they will come to terms with the reality of what happened. The girl knows that her parents were involved in the Games.

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