Awesomeness started a long time ago. Back with the cavemen. A man named Harry Potter was a very awesome person and everyone followed what he did. When he died, Voldemort took over and became awesome.

Long after this, Donald Duck held the power of awesomeness. He worked day in and day out to receive this status. After years of tiring work, it was finally in his hands. He was leader of all and all followed him. Until that sad, sad day when he died.

Justin Bieber. He heard this terrible voice that belonged to this terrible man. The days of Justin Bieber, they called it. Or, The Dark Days. Sadness filled planet earth during this era. Finally, it ended. Sadly, by Rebecca Black.

Her singing was absolutely terrible and her songs were too. She bribed everyone to love her, though. This, sadly, made her awesome.

Cooltext647240859xxdxfdff then killed her.

To this day, sadly, Cooltext647240859xxdxfdff is the most awesome.

Of all.

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