Recently, I have been writing a series of short stories for a friend at school, and finally, I have decided to publish them on the internet to see if they are good or not.

They are a series of Detective stories, set in the year 2011 (Yeah, I'm a fan of Sherlock Holmes btw).

So, yeah, hope you enjoy!

(WARNING: This may not be 100% accurate - I don't know how the police force is run.)

Case 1: The Case of the Poisioned Critic.Edit

"Ashley, we have a body for you!" Detective Inspector Scott sauntered into the room, with a hospital trolley being pulled behind him. Next to him was his blond, attractive sidekick, Sasha. Together, the both of them had solved many crimes, and they were my role models.

"Sure DI Scott. is this a suspicious death? What do I need to test?" I politely asked the tall, silent figure. The detective's black curls were as messy as usual, and his aquamarine eyes were deep in thought.

"Yes, I think this is suspicious, but no one else does. Our victim, Blanco Fromage, has had no reports of bad health. He is a food critic, so he had gone to Nados to test the food there. A couple of the hours later, he was found dead in his car, which had been parked near his home. I think he was poisioned, so can you check the toxicity levels in his blood?" DI Scott asked, and proceeded to leave the lab, with Sasha in tow.

"Detective, which poison?" I called out, but he did not hear me, leaving me with no idea on what to test for. Firstly, I tested for mercury and arsenic; two quite common poisions. Negative results. Next, I received negative results for potassium cyanide and rat poision. Finally, I decided to test for a rarely heard of poison, which I had only heard about last year: TTX- and there were traces found, enough to kill Monsieur Fromage.

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