I was told about this wiki and thought "How can it be absolutely awesome if I'm not there?" Just kidding. (Or am I?) Anyway, I thought I'd make a blog, because I don't know if this can go on a page. Ready? Randomness commencing in



3 (Who's seen the movie the blog's title comes from?)



I had to do this powerpoint on the Wizard of Oz book with my friend. My class had to critique us, this is what they put:

"I like those shoes" (we showed a picture of Dorothy's shoes on one of the slides)

"My dog's name is Toto" (Same person as above.)

"I didn't know this was a book too." (about 4 times)

Other not so bright comments from my social studies class:

"<Name removed>, where was the Boston Massacre?"

"I don't know"



"What's the hottest state in America?"

"Uhh... Africa?"

Well, that's my little blog. Hey, why did Gale drop his icecream?

He got hit by a bus! jk:)

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