Template:Character Seeder was the female tribute from District 11 in the 75th Hunger Games. She was also a victor in a previous, unmentioned Hunger Games.


Seeder embraced Katniss after the chariot rides through the Capitol, ensuring her that both Thresh's and Rue's families were safe, as the uprising had started in District 11 during the tour that followed the 74th Hunger Games. During the time between training and the opening to the Quarter Quell, Katniss decided she wanted Seeder as her ally in the arena, but overall decided against having allies as she was getting too close to the other competitors, resulting in her thinking she wouldn't be able to kill them. During Seeder's interview with Caesar Flickerman, she quietly ruminates about how the people of District 11 all think President Snow is all-powerful and asks, if he is so powerful why doesn't he just change the Quell? Seeder, along with every other victor, hold hands after the interviews as a sign of rebellion.

In the arena, Seeder was one of the tributes who died at the Cornucopia on Day 1, causing Katniss much grief. She was also one of the tributes in the victors' alliance that was trying to keep Katniss alive. However, she died before she could help Katniss.


Seeder has olive skin, straight black hair streaked with silver, and golden brown eyes. Katniss thought/commented that aside from her eyes, she looked like she came from the Seam. She appeared to be about 60 years old in Catching Fire. Katniss took to her not only because she was kind and gentle as a person, but because she ultimately reminded her of Rue.


Seeder was a very kind, polite, gentle and positive person. The first thing Seeder did when she saw Katniss was whisper in her ear that Thresh and Rue's families were safe, to give Katniss relief. Seeder is friendly to Katniss and eats with her in lunch during training. She also seems to be confident as during her interview she very strongly stated that the Quarter Quell was wrong and President Snow could stop it if he wanted. Seeder is very motherly as well.


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