Note From The Author: To give you a sneak peek of the 3 main characters, I will tell you their personalities.

Superstar19, 15 (Elise McKenna): Very intelligent, sneaky, crazy, unpredictable.
Cold1032, 15 [Narrissa (Ciss) Metroff]: Weird, crazy(er), tomboyish (don’t be fooled by her very feminine name)
Animegurl11, 16 (Amy Winifred): crazy(est), anime loving (obviously), witty, adores books and writing.
I hope you enjoy my novel! :-)

Friday, December 1st, 2015
Private Chat including Cold1032, Superstar19, and Animegurl11:

Cold1032: hey guys
Superstar19: hi
Animegurl11: whats up
Superstar19: did you see mr. flat today
Cold1032: yeah he is so weird looking :-D
Superstar19: what is UP with his ties???????
Cold1032: we are so mean!
Superstar19: whatever
Cold1032: well amy you’re quiet today
Cold1032: i know something is wrong. spill it.
Animegurl11: mom’s been...well...fighting with my dad :-(
Superstar19: OH MY GOSH!!!!! THATS TERRIBLE! :-o
Cold1032: IT TOTALLY IS!!!!!!! :-o
Animegurl11: i don’t wanna talk bout it
Cold1032: ok we promise not to talk about it right elise?
Superstar19: right
Animegurl11: thanks guys your the best ;-)
Superstar19: i gotta tell you guys something
Cold1032: what?
Superstar19: somebodies trying to kill me. ;-(
Cold1032: wait what?????? why would somebody wanna kill you? You’re only 15 years old for crying out loud!!!!
Superstar19: its a long story...ill tell you guys tomorrow
Animegurl11: oh sorry guys i gotta go my parents are fighting again better go break it up before it gets physical lol but its still sad...wish me luck
Superstar19: k by :-( good luck
Cold1032: good luck bye
Animegurl11: *poof*
Cold1032: *poof*
Superstar19: *poof*

Stop it, you guys!!!

“Stop it, you guys!!! Just stop it!!!!” screamed Amy.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT?!” yelled her mother.
Amy stared bawling with tears streaming down her face and ran out of the house and rung her neighbor’s doorbell.
A guy about “6’4 with dark brown hair came to the door.
“Phil? Are you there?”
“Hey Amy! I know that face. Are your parent’s fighting again?”
Phillip Gonzalez was her next door neighbor/best guy friend, but Amy secretly had a crush on him.
“My parents are fighting again!” she wailed.
“It’s ok, Amy. Come inside and I’ll tell my mom to get us some snacks. Any requests?” Phil asked.
“Nutter Butters, please.” she sniffled.
“Sure thing. MOM! CAN YOU BRING US SOME NUTT BUTTS?!” he yelled, laughing.
“Ok, honey!”
“‘Nut butts’, really? Oh, very mature, Mr. President of the Student Council.” she said, laughing herself. See? He’s a guy with smarts, cuteness, and power.
“Ha ha, very funny.” he laughed sarcastically. “So,” asked Phil, “What was it this time?”
“They were talking about how I need to get better grades. My mom didn’t think so, and thought that I was doing a great job, but my dad was really mad about that C- I got in Math on Tuesday.”
“Sometimes I don’t think your dad nice as a dad should be to his kid.”
“No kidding. They might divorce. I agree with you. This is why we are boyfr-I mean best friends.”
“What were you going to say?”
“Oh, nothing.”
“Really? Are you absolutely and positively sure that you aren’t hiding anything?” He also has a sense of humor. He’s perfect!
They laughed and laughed, had a good time until Phil just stared into Amy’s eyes. He was leaning to kiss her when Mrs. Gonzalez yelled: “A-my! Your mother is at the door!”
“Umm...tell her I’m coming!” Amy said.
“Well, I guess you better go...then so...umm...bye.” said Phil.

Saturday, December 2, 2015
Private chat including Animegurl11 and bbguy:

Animegurl11: hey phil
bbguy: hey
bbguy: well i found this really cool picture for our history project online today and i have the url and everything
Animegurl11: yay!
(Amy: Oh, why did I just say yay?)
bbguy: oh narissa and elise want to talk. should we let them?
Animegurl11: sure why not?
(Amy: Darn. Way to ruin the moment guys.)
Superstar19: pop
Cold1032: pop
Superstar19: hey guys! whatcha talking about?
Cold1032: hey hows it going
Animegurl11: we were talking about our history project and thanks to some people, we aren’t anymore. :-(
Superstar19: oops. sorry.
Cold1032: anyway, i wanted to tell you that i made the soccer team!!!!!
Animegurl11: good job!
Superstar19: awesome!
Animegurl11: well i’m really tired from softball so i’m gonna do my hw and go to bed so c u later
bbguy: bye ill see you tomorrow you’re taking the bus, right?
Cold1032: bye amy
Animegurl11: when am i not? ha ha bye
Superstar19: bye
Animegurl11: *poof*
bbguy: well now that she left, i guess i better go too see you guys later
Superstar19: yeah lets all go bye
Cold1032: wait phil i have a ? for you. do you like amy???
bbguy: ...thats an awkward question...well...yeah, i do like her. how did you guess?
Cold1032: i see the way you look at her and you are just nicer to her than us (not that you’re mean or any thing)
Superstar19: yeah i noticed too. you’re not doing a very good job of concealing your affections. we’ll find out if she likes you back
bbguy: if anybody’s telling her its gonna be me and thats for sure
bbguy: well i gotta go work on my math hw bye
Superstar19: bye
Cold1032: bye :-)
bbguy: *poof*
Cold1032: *poof*
Superstar19: *poof*

Elise sat in her room.

Elise sat in her room. All alone. Quiet. Thinking, but still focused.
As she sat on her bed, she was worried. Worried for herself, and for her parents.
“Arrrrggghhhhhh!!!!!” Elise groaned. She was still scared about having to confess to her parents about what she had done.
She didn’t regret what she did, but she wished she wouldn’t had to have done it at all.
Why can’t I have been born into a different family?! Or better yet, not have been born at all?!
Elise didn’t want to have to cause all of this pain to her parents, but she had no choice. She would wait until the day after the Winter Dance and then...she would go. Leave. Desert her parents and this life that they had molded for her because of one dumb mistake.
Elise started to cry. She cried for like 3 hours, until her mother knocked on the door at 9 o’clock and said “Honey, are you okay?”
“Umm -sniffle- I’m fine.”
“Really? Are you sure? I’m coming in.”
“Elise, unlock your door this INSTANT!”
“Richard! Elise won’t open her bedroom door!” her mother said.
“Elise! Open that door right now or you are grounded for a YEAR!” Mr. McKenna bellowed.
“I’M NOT COMING OUT NO MATTER How mUCh you SCReam!” Oh my gosh. I’m losing my voice. Thanks Mom.
“Well, fine then Elise. No dinner tonight.”
“Good, ‘cause I’m not hungry.” she lied. She was starving. She thought maybe she could sneak down in the middle of the night and get some Cherrios.
If I’m still here.

Monday, December 4, 2015
Private chat including Animegurl11 and Cold1032:

Animegurl11: Hey
Cold1032: Hey y did u caps the H??
Animegurl11: i don’t know just felt like it why did you?
Cold1032: anyway did u notice any thing about elise that was different
Animegurl11: yeah i did what do u think is wrong with her
Cold1032: i think that something like somebodies trying to kill her like she said before
Animegurl11: yeah really why would somebody want to kill her
Cold1032: i don’t know but i think she’s going delusional. i’m gonna talk to her about it
Cold1032: just dont complain if its not some big, dramatic thing, ok?
Animegurl11: gimme a break my parents are probs gonna get divorced
Cold1032: its really that bad???? awww i feel bad now
Animegurl11: see?? ;-(
Cold1032: i think your parents might need to get counseling or something, and u too
Animegurl11: i don’t know...i just don’t wanna talk about it
Cold1032: well i guess ill c u later bye
Animegurl11: bye :-(
Animegurl11: *poof*
Cold1032: *poof*

Narrissa looked at her pictures of Ron Santo, Brian Urlacher, and all of her other sports heroes...

Narissa looked at her pictures of Ron Santo, Brian Urlacher, and all of her other sports heroes that were scattered around her room.
“Why can’t I be like them?” she wondered aloud.
Who are you kidding? You’ll never be like them. You’ll always be this tomboy, with a heck of a tomboyish name. All you wear are shorts, t-shirts, sweatpants, and gym shoes; You never wear high heels, skirts, tank-tops (Ugh.), or anything that resembles a girl, even though you are one. If you weren’t a girl, then you wouldn’t be friends with Amy or Elise, though. Well, you could be like Phil and Amy, but it would never be the same.
That voice in her head kept putting her down. She couldn’t stop it. It was just...there.
“Whatever, I gotta do my homework anyway.” Wednesday, December 6, 2015
Private chat including bbguy and Animegurl11:

Animegurl11: yo
bbguy: what’s up
Animegurl11: so’s it going on our history project? did you get any good pics?
bbguy: yeah i got a pic of egyptian hieroglyphics
Animegurl11: this is actually really random but...what does bbguy even mean???
bbguy: it means baseball guy, duh.
Animegurl11: oh. right. ha ha
bbguy: you seriously didn’t know that?
Animegurl11: i knew i just was joking around see? i’m laughing. ha ha.
bbguy: ok now i’m the random one i need to tell you something really important...
Animegurl11: oh, can it wait? sorry my parents are fighting again...tell me tomorrow on the way to school. bye :-(
bbguy: ok bye
Animegurl11: *poof*
(Phil: Darn.)
bbguy: *poof*

“Yeah, Elise. I don’t know what to do about it.”

“Yeah, Elise. I don’t know what to do about it.” Phil complained into the phone.
“Just tell her at the Winter Dance. She’ll be in a good mood then. And don’t tell me that you’re not going with her, ‘cause you are. You’ll be going as friends, but when you come back, you’ll be a couple! Aww, how adorable!!! Oh, and just so you don’t get any ideas about backing out, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!! Ha ha ha.” Elise yelled.
“Okay? It’s not like I don’t want to tell her, I do, but I just don’t know how.”
Elise: Boys. “Anyway, TELL HER!” she screamed into the phone.
“Ow! What is up with you and yelling today?! You’re going to pop my eardrums!”
“Gotta go. Somebody’s at the door. Remember, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!” Elise reminded him as she hung up.
Wow, she’s got some nerve, considering my pit bull. Ha ha. The thing is, I don’t even want to go to the stinkin’ dance, anyway. Well, it’s for Amy.

The doorbell rang.

The doorbell rang.
“...Remember, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!” Elise said as she hung up the phone.
“Ok! I’m coming!” she yelled to the person behind the door.
“Hello Elise.”
Elise screeched as loud as she could so somebody would hear.
“WHY ARE YOU HERE????!!!!” she bellowed as she made her way to the back door.
“Gosh, Elise, calm down. I’m just here to take you on a trip. A one way trip.”
“Oh no! Some little girl just called me a mean name! Whatever shall I do?” Steve asked sarcastically.
“Ok, Steve stop it with the games and tell me why you’re really here.” Elise demanded. She was seriously freaked out. Her parents weren’t even home. I am never staying home alone again. Elise didn’t expect that Steve would come in broad daylight. Especially when her Labrador was outside.
What did he do to Lucy?
“What did you do to my dog?”
“Oh, nothing, just shot her with a tranquilizer dart. She’ll be fine in a couple of hours.”
“YOU SHOT MY DOG WITH A TRANQUILIZER DART?! I WAS ACTUALLY BEGINNING TO LIKE YOU, AND YOU SHOT MY DOG?!” She actually despised him still, but she knew he liked her, and she wanted to butter him up.
“Wait, you were starting to like me?,” To him, she was the perfect girl. But not so perfect as to not getting revenge. She had the works. Looks, smarts, humor, the whole ka-blam. “I mean, I’m so sorry about your dog. The little beast-I mean puppy- was going to eat me alive, and out of shock, I shot the dart.”
“I still don’t forgive you. Why were you even carrying a tranquilizer gun in the first place?”
“So I could do this.” Steve said.
His eyes gleamed with evil. The next thing Elise knew, she was blacking out. Steve was grinning a grin that showed only one thing. That thing was revenge.

Thursday, December 7, 2015
Private chat including bbguy, Animegurl11, and Cold1032:

Animegurl11: omg do you guys know where elise is???!!!
bbguy: nope haven’t seen her at all, but I did just talk to her yesterday, then she said somebody was at the door. then she hung up to answer it.
Cold1032 (whisper to bbguy): ill leave if you tell her. TELL HER! but seriously, where is elise???????
Animegurl11: wow that’s odd...i don’t know about you, but i think it has something to do with the killing thing she was talking about
bbguy: what killing thing?
Cold1032: long story. the point is WE HAVE TO FIND HER!!
Animegurl11: I really don’t know what to do. honestly. WHERE DO WE LOOK??
bbguy: well maybe we should just look around her neighborhood to see if she just was locked in some old cellar at Old Man Jenkin’s farm. ha ha just kidding
Cold1032: what do we do? she could be dead by now for all we know!!! ;-(
Animegurl11: lets meet up on maple and brainard ave. ok?
bbguy: oh it might rain you might wanna bring an umbrella or something. see you in 10.
It had been a really weird winter with rain, hail, and snow.
Cold1032: got it. bye.
Animegurl11: *poof*
bbguy: *poof*
Cold1032: *poof*

Elise awoke with a start.

Elise awoke with a start. She had the worst dream of her life. Steve had shot her (and her dog) with a tranquilizer dart.
As she saw where she was she thought, Wait a minute. This is real.
“Where...where am I?” Elise wondered aloud.
“You’re on that little trip I was telling you about.” Steve said with an evil smile, almost similar of to Dr. Suess’s ‘Grinch’.
Elise looked at herself. She was covered in mud. Probably from Steve dragging her to the back of his white van. Darn, on my favorite jeans, too.
“Why do you want stinkin’ revenge anyway? It really wasn’t that bad.” Elise asked.
“Oh, really? The fact that you made me lose my job, my girlfriend, and everything else with it isn’t that bad?”
“You didn’t lose your insanity...” Elise said under her breath.
“What did you say?”
“That’s what I thought. Just to let you know, I actually didn’t lose my job. I just got re-hired yesterday. What I want for revenge...well, that’s where you come in.”
“What do you want? My parents would pay anything to get me back. ANYTHING!”
“Oh, well then I’m sorry, because you won’t be seeing your parents anytime soon. You’re living with me now.”
“What?! Why in the world do you think I would live with you, you scumbag?!”
“Well, maybe because if you don’t listen to me and be a good little girl, I might just have to ‘accidentally’ pull the trigger on my real gun and point it at your little dog friend, Lucy. Or you.”
“You honestly believe that I would listen to a 15 year old girl?”
“No, but...”
“Just what I thought.”
“What will you do with me?”
“Nothing much. Just lock you up for a year until everybody else forgets about you to cause you tons of misery and despair.”
“That little remark just earned you another 6 months.”
Elise looked around for her phone to call for help.
As though he read her thoughts, Steve said, “Looking for this?” as he held up her iPhone.

Group Texting
Amy, Phil, and Narissa

Amy: i cant find my umbrella!
Narissa: i just keep mine in my room
Phil: oh amy i have one we can share
Amy: thanks phil :-)
Narissa ok meet u guys there
Phil: bye
Amy: bye
Phil: so, umm about what i needed to tell you the other day but then your parents...ya know...
Amy: yeah?
Phil: so anyway...i wanted to know if you wanted to go to the winter dance, as friends, if you don’t have any plans...
Amy: sure. pick me up at 7?
Phil: k
Amy: i see you!
Phil: ditto

When Amy, Phil, and Narissa showed up at the corner of Maple and Brainard...
Amy, Phil, Narissa

When Amy, Phil, and Narissa showed up at the corner of Maple and Brainard, they were soaking wet. Especially Narissa, who lived the furthest away.
“So. Where do you think we should start?” asked Phil.
“Meow.” meowed Amy. “Sorry. I meow when I’m scared.”
“Ok? That’s just a little weird.” Phil commented. Ok, she has flaws, but they’re cute. “C’mon guys. Let’s just start looking at Mrs. Birdy’s house and ask her if she’s seen anything suspicious going on around here.”
Mrs. Birdy was an older woman in her late 60’s with streaks of white hair. Her husband died about a year earlier in a car crash.
As they knocked on her door, a white van passed by and the driver just kept driving. Suspicious. There had been sightings of a white van that looked just like that one that was trying to find a teenage girl for purposes unknown.
When Mrs. Birdy came to the door, she was surprised not to see Elise.
“Hello, everybody. How nice is it to see you, especially when it’s raining like this. Come inside and dry off.”
“Th-thank y-y-ou-ou.” Narissa shivered.
When they got inside, Mrs. Birdy made them some hot cocoa, and asked why Elise wasn’t there.
“That’s actually why we are here. We don’t know. We think that there might have been some connection to this guy that was stalking her. That’s what Amy and Narissa said anyway.” Phil informed her.
“Nobody was stalking her, Phil. Elise just said somebody wanted to kill/kidnap her, at least that’s what she told us.” Amy said.
Narissa was still shaking and in shock, even with the heating and a blanket.
“How are her parents? I’m sure they must be worried sick.”
“Mr. and Mrs. McKenna think it was their fault. They yelled at her the other night and they think that she was just angry at them.” Phil told her. Boy, are they off.
“Why would somebody want to kill Elise?” Mrs. Birdy said in a most grandmotherly voice,“She is really a very nice girl, and I’m sure that--”
“That’s what she never told us. We have no clue why she was kidnapped. We don’t even know if she’s alive.” Amy interrupted.
Everybody in the room was surprised to her Narissa speak at all when she stuttered (she was still in shock) “El-Elise t-t-told me th-that th-the p-p-p-person w-wanted to k-kill her b-b-b-because she t-t-told th-the p-p-police that th-they w-were h-h-helping smuggle d-d-drugs fr-fr-from Mexico.”
Amy and Phil said at the same time, “Why didn’t you tell us that before?! Jinx! Double jinx!”
“I-I d-don’t know. I-I for-forgot, I g-g-guess.”
“This is worse than I imagined. You know too much.”
Then Mrs. Birdy had an evil smile that was almost identical to Steve’s as she shot her tranquilizer gun.

Phone call between Elaine Birdy and Steve Woods

Elaine:...Yes, Steven, I have them tied up.
Steve: Good. And don’t call me Steven!
Elaine: Yes, Steven--I mean Steve.
Steve: Well, then get them over here!
Elaine: I don’t know why I am even listening to you after the way you treat me...
Steve: You know why...that’s why I’m so mean to you. -smirk-
Elaine: Elise really is a nice girl, but after what she did, well, I don’t know what to think about her.
Steve: SHE IS OUR ENEMY! Don’t you think kindly of her. Remember what happened to that dear little husband of yours...
Elaine: The boy is yelling. Better go shut him up.
Steve: You are so obedient. That’s what I love about you, Grandmother.

Phil, Amy, and Narissa

“Mmmmmph!” moaned Narissa. She had finally recovered from shock. What she was trying to say was “Help!” They were all tied up (literally).
Maybe if I lick the duct tape with my tongue, it will get loose and un-sticky. Amy thought to herself.
Lick, lick, lick. Not enough. Lick, lick, lick. A little more should do it. Lick, lick, lick. It came loose! Ok, now for the rope. Well, the rope is kinda weak. Maybe I can use my mouth, or pull it. First I’ll try pulling it. Pull. It helped, but it’s going to take me forever to break free, and Mrs. Birdy will be back here by then to bring us dinner. (Ewww, broccoli with cheese on top and orange juice.) Well, I guess I’ll try using my mouth now. Mmmmph. Mmmmmph!!!!! It worked!
“We’re out! And we thought that Elise would be the one locked up in the cellar. Ha ha.” Phil whispered as he took off the duct tape.
“Let’s go through the crawlspace. And hurry, we don’t have a lot of time.” Amy said.
As they crawled through the crawlspace, Narissa shrieked.
“Ahhhhh! Spider!”
“I see light. We’re getting close. Let’s go!”


“SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!” Elise screamed.
“Nobody can hear you, little girl, so just shut up.”
“I can try...” Elise said quietly.
Elise was locked in the back room at Taco Bell, the place that Steve worked. He got promoted to head manager, so nobody asked any questions.
“Dude, I want a taco, NOW!” Elise kept demanding.
“What’s up with you and tacos?”
“I’m just hungry.”
Steve finally gave in and said, “Well, then here’s your stinkin’ taco.” And he threw it at her.
“What about the hot sauce?”
“You aint’ gettin’ no hot sauce!”
“Ok, just asking.” Elise backed off. “I didn’t mean to tell the media about your little exchange. I just wanted to do the right thing...”
“Well, unfortunately for you, it wasn’t the right thing.” Steve said.
Suddenly, three kids kicked down the door with a huge stick.
“LET HER GO!!” Phil yelled while pointing this ginormous stick at him.
“Why did you even bother with kidnapping her?” Amy asked.
“She made me lose everything. My job (well, I got that back), my girlfriend, everything I had ever cared about, because of her.”
“Why was Mrs. Birdy helping you then?”
“She’s my grandmother, of course.”
Everybody in the room gasped except for Elise and Steve.
“She’s your GRANDMA??!!” They yelled all at the same time. “JINX! DOUBLE JINX! TRIPLE JINX!”
“You kids with your silly games. And according to my family tree, yes, she is my grandmother.”
“Well, why would she help you?”
“I was the reason for the car crash a year ago. I killed her husband, or my grandfather. I was mad at him for...wait, why am I telling you this??!!”
Steve pulled something out of his pocket and tossed it to Elise. It was her phone.
“Take it. Leave. Go away you crazy kids before I make you.”
They untied Elise and then went to McDonald’s (a restaurant they actually trusted) to discuss their situation.
“Now we know to boycott Taco Bell. Especially that Taco Bell.” Elise said.
“So are we going to call the cops?” Amy asked.
“Already done.” Phil said.
“Oh man, I have to go to the bathroom because Steve would only let me go once a day. Come with me Ciss.” Elise lied.
Amy and Phil were alone at last. They were at the corner of the restaurant where nobody went, so nobody could hear them.
What Phil wanted to say was “Amy, my love! My heart beats only to keep me alive to see you! Kiss me now, before it’s too late!” That was really corny so he really said “Amy, I need to tell you something. Important. I like you. I like you-like you. And I hope you feel the same about me.” Please say yes, please say yes!!! Phil thought like some little 7 year old who was asking his parents for some Transformers toy.
“Yes, Phil yes I do. I have felt this way since forever. I don’t know how to explain it, but we have a connection nothing could ever break. My living soul lives to thrive on my love for you!” That’s what she wish she could have said. She actually said “Yeah. I do.” That was so lame!! Amy thought to herself.
They sat in silence and realization of what just happened. Nobody spoke for what seemed like an eternity.
“Do you want some fries?” Phil broke the silence.


It was a snowy, but dazzling night for the Winter Dance. Everybody was dressed up all wintery and warm.
As Elise and Raymond (her date), Amy and Phil (now a couple), and Narissa and Luke Clearwater (her date and the star of the basketball team) were sitting around their table in the school gym, a question popped up.
“What happened to Mrs. Birdy?”
“I think she moved to Canada to her brother’s house so they couldn’t track her, but she didn’t do a very good job, judging by the police reports.”
“Really? I thought she moved to Nebraska. Well, we could be wrong.”
“Did the cops ever catch Steve?”
“Nope. But he was last seen in Denver, Colorado, far away from New Jersey.”
These questions were swarming around in their heads as they sat.
“How did your parents handle it, Elise? I mean, the running away and screaming thing.”
“They were pretty mad. I’m lucky I’m even at this dance. They were scared that I might run away again. And I’m grounded for a year.” Elise told them.
“I would be mad too, if I were them. They interviewed me before letting me take Elise here to make sure that I wouldn’t let her run off again.” Raymond said.
The music changed. Everything slowed. The disco ball twirled making it look like little snowflakes drifting in the winter air. “I love this song,” Amy said, “Let’s dance.”
At the end of the song, Phil asked Amy “‘Do you want some fries?’” ❤

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