Template:Character Posy Hawthorne is the youngest child and only girl child in the Hawthorne family.

Posy's mother, Hazelle, tried to take care of her, along with her three brothers. When Posy once got very sick with measles, her mother worked overtime to get her well again. Posy thankfully recovered.

Posy's favorite color is said to be pink.

In Mockingjay, Posy asked if Octavia, a member of Katniss' prep team, was sick, because she had green skin. Octavia seemed offended at first, but then Posy said Octavia would look pretty no matter what shade of color her skin was. This gave Octavia a fondness for little Posy.


Posy lived with her mother, Hazelle Hawthorne, and her three brothers; Rory, Vick, and Gale. She never met her father, as he died before she was born. Katniss Everdeen and her family are very much like family to them, due to her close relationship with Gale. During the 75th Hunger Games, the Hawthornes were publicly referred to as Katniss' cousins, to keep them safe from her and Gale's friendship.


Katniss heard Posy's voice, along with those of her siblings, when the Jabberjays mimicked the voices of loved ones being tortured in the Quarter Quell. Posy was different than the other Seam children, with pale red hair, and light green eyes; she was said to have rosy cheeks.

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