Chapter 1Edit

Elise McKenna walked home from the dance with Raymond, even though it was about 10 o’clock and 15˚ out. They didn’t care. They were in love, and Elise was as happy as a little girl on a warm summer day.
They met the week before, and it was love at first sight. Well, love at the second impression. Elise was late for the bus, and Ray walked everyday, and so Elise walked. Elise wasn’t looking where she was going, so she accidentally bumped into Ray.
“Sorry.” Elise said blandly, as if she didn’t care if he fell over.
“Woah, watch where you’re going, blue-eyes.”
“What did you just call me?”
“Blue-eyes.” Ray repeated.
Oh great, I miss my bus and I just bumped into a wierdo. Elise thought.
“Bye, blue-eyes.”
And he was gone.

Elise just kept walking, processing the events that had just occurred.
Ok, so a cute guy I have never seen before is just walking to school, and I bump into him, and then he calls me ‘blue-eyes’. Weird, but very...I don’t know what to call it...
The next day, Elise missed the bus, but on purpose. She wanted to find out who this mystery guy was. But what if he isn’t walking today? Elise thought, full of insecurity, but it was mostly anxiety.
Sure enough, he was walking. This time, Elise, very bluntly, went up to him and said “Ok. Let me get this straight. You walk every day?”
“Uh, yeah.” he said as he was turning around.
“I’ve never seen you before. Where do you live?”
“That’s for me to know and for you to never find out.” he replied, laughing to himself.
“Tell me.” Elise demanded.
“Ok, ok, don’t get all whiny. I live on Main Street. Second house down from the burned down one.”
“You live there? I live next door to you then. I don’t know why I never noticed.” That was a huge house, and when Elise was little, she looked outside her bedroom window and fantasized about the people who lived there, all rich and proper.
Man, he’s hot. And he’s rich, too! Elise thought to herself.
“Really? I walk in front of your house every day.”
“You don’t look like some rich fancy guy. Why don’t you go to private school?”
“Oh, so now you don’t want to go to the same school as me?”
“No, but I meant…”
“Don’t freak out. I get it. I go to public school because people who go to public school are usually down to earth, and are nicer than snobby private school people.”
“I’ve seen some of them. They do look snobby.”
“Looks can be deceiving. Remember that.” He said with a wink, and he was gone, just like that.

Author's NoteEdit

This is the prequel-sequel to my other story 'Where R U?' If you have any questions, just ask. I would also appreciate your feedback!!! * - *

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