Template:CharacterMitchell is a soldier from District 13. He is a part of Squad 451, also known as the "Star Squad", because of his ability to shoot long-distance targets accurately.

Mitchell is described as an "older guy" who never says much but can "shoot the dust off your boots at fifty yards". While the Star Squad films reenactments of their reactions to explosions in the Capitol, Mitchell becomes known as the worst actor among the group.

During an assault of one of the Capitol streets, many pods go off, and eventually Peeta has a flashback which causes him to react violently towards Katniss. As he is about to hurt Katniss, Mitchell tackles him and tries to pin him to the ground. Peeta throws him off, causing him to land on a pod, and activate a barbed wire net that pulls him up. Gale and Leeg 1 try to help Mitchell by shooting at the cables holding the net, but to no avail. The black wave of tar washes over him and ultimately kills him.

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