Template:Character Marvel was the male tribute from District 1 in the 74th Hunger Games. His name is not revealed until Catching Fire on Katniss' victory tour.

The Hunger GamesEdit

Marvel was the male tribute from District 1 in the the 74th Hunger Games. As a Career Tribute, Marvel was strong and ruthless. It is unknown if he volunteered for the Games or was reaped. He presumably trained for a lot of his pre-Games life like most tributes from his district. During the opening ceremonies, he and his district partner, Glimmer were spray painted silver and were wearing tunics. Katniss points out that they both looked gorgeous. During training, he showed great skill at spear throwing. He, along with the other Careers, recieved a training score somewhere between 8 and 10.


Marvel, being a Career, was able to survive the Cornucopia bloodbath. Most of the tributes involved in the bloodbath were mostly killed by the Careers, meaning that Marvel fought for food and supplies. It is presumed that he got a spear from the Cornucopia. After the bloodbath, Marvel joined an alliance formed by the Careers, being from District 1.


Marvel, along with Glimmer, Cato, Clove, the District 3 Male, the District 4 female, and Peeta Mellark form the Career Pack. (The District 4 Male was unfortunate, as he died at the Cornucopia on Day 1) Together, they rampage throughout the Arena.

After the fire storm, Marvel and the other Career tributes were not as fast as before. Marvel is present when the Careers chase Katniss Everdeen up on a tree. Knowing that it would be difficult to attack her, he and the other Careers form a camp below her. Rue, the girl from District 11, forms an alliance with Katniss when she points out the Tracker Jacker nest hanging beside her. Katniss manages to drop it on the Careers, causing them to run to the nearby lake. Both Glimmer and the District 4 Girl are unlucky and die.

After he and the other Careers recovered from their tracker jacker injuries they began to hunt for tributes again. When Katniss and Rue formed their plan to destroy the supplies, Rue made a fire as a decoy to drag the Careers out and go to the fire to kill the tribute who started it. Marvel and the others left to find Rue but after the supplies were destroyed by land mines set up from District 3 boy, he watched as his partner, Cato snapped his neck. Marvel and Clove were able to calm Cato down and told him that the one who destroyed their supplies was probably killed as well in the explosion. They wait for night to see the faces of those who were killed and find that the tribute did not die. Marvel, Cato, and Clove then go out to hunt for more tributes.


He was able to set a trap which Rue accidentally runs into. As Rue screams for help, Marvel throws a spear right into her abdomen. Enraged upon seeing Rue's limp body, Katniss shot him in the neck with an arrow. He attempted to remove the arrow by pulling it out, but drowned in his own blood. Overall Marvel placed 8th out of 24.


Marvel was identified as one of the wolfish muttations manufactured from dead tributes' DNA along with the other dead competitors at the end of the Games. The muttations had great leg strength, and large, razor sharp claws. When Cato falls off the Cornucopia, Marvel is one of the Mutts to feed off him, leaving Cato as a raw and bloody hunk of meat. As Katniss Everdeen kills Cato, Marvel, along with the other tribute mutts are put away by the Gamemakers.

Catching FireEdit

In Catching Fire, Katniss and Peeta go to District 1 on their victory tour and Katniss learns his name was Marvel. Katniss feels uncomfortable, as she was responsible for the deaths of both Marvel and Glimmer. She spots his family, and she tries to not look them in the eye.


Marvel most likely killed a few tributes during Bloodbath day at the Cornucopia. He helped kill the District 8 female and later in the Games, Marvel killed Rue with his spear.


During the Games, Marvel (being a Career tribute) had medicine, food, water and other supplies from the Cornucopia. All these supplies were blown up from the mines that the District 3 boy left, and Marvel was left only with his spears that he got at the Cornucopia, and a backpack. The backpack held several knifes, two extra spear heads, a flashlight, a small leather pouch, a first-aid kit, a bottle of water and a pack of dried fruit, which Katniss found as a sign of extreme arrogence because he had such a bounty at camp.


Marvel was rather tall and skinny, unlike all the other Careers. Marvel was unlike his fellow Career, who seemed to be rather smart, he being the one to propose keeping Peeta in the Career Alliance so he could lead them to Katniss and setting the trap that cost Rue her life. He and Clove were also the two who seemed to calm down Cato most often when he lost control of himself.

Film Portrayal Edit

On April 19, 2011, Lionsgate confirmed that Jack Quaid will be playing Marvel in the film adaption of The Hunger Games.


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