Template:QuoteTemplate:Character Madge Undersee is the daughter of the mayor of District 12 and one of Katniss Everdeen's friends. Although she is one of the first characters you meet in The Hunger Games, much of her past is not revealed. Madge began school at 5 or 6 years old and was in the same class as Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen. Her family is wealthy because her father is mayor, so she did not opt for tesserae. She was the only one who sat with Katniss during lunch at school. Katniss and Madge both do not like talking about girly things like dresses and boys.

Madge Undersee will not be included in the film adaption of The Hunger Games and therefore has no portrayer.


The Hunger GamesEdit

Madge first appears on the day of the reaping in The Hunger Games, when Katniss and Gale are selling their bounty for the day. General chatter is made until Gale compliments her expensive dress. Madge states she wants to look nice if she is picked to go to the Capitol. This angers Gale, causing the meeting to end shortly. Collins makes a point of mentioning Madge's mockingjay pin.

The last time Madge is featured in the book is right before Katniss leaves for the Capitol, before The 74th Hunger Games begin. She visited Katniss in the Justice Building room and asks Katniss if she will accept a token to represent District 12 in the Games. Madge gave Katniss her gold mockingjay pin as a token for District 12, (although in the film it is Prim who gives her the Mockingjay pin) and Katniss agrees, somewhat amazed at this new side to the usually quiet Madge. Madge then kissed Katniss on the cheek, convincing Katniss that Madge had truly been a friend.

Catching FireEdit

In Catching Fire, it is said that since Katniss returned from the 74th Hunger Games, she and Madge spent more time with each other. Katniss took Madge to the woods to learn to shoot a bow and arrow. Madge, a great pianist, tries to teach Katniss to play piano.

During the Harvest Festival Katniss offers to return the Mockingjay pin, but Madge refuses. Katniss later learns that the pin was a family heirloom that has been passed down from her aunt, Maysilee Donner. Later, Madge gave some of her mother's headache medicine to help Gale after he was beaten by the Peacekeepers. After the Quarter Quell is announced, Madge helps Katniss by giving Katniss her father's newspaper, which holds polls in the Capitol on who is most likely to be victor of the Games.


Katniss sees the remains of Madge's home. After speaking to Thom, who was in front of their house, Katniss finds out that Madge and her family, as well as the two people who worked for them, did not survive the destruction of District 12.


Madge was quiet and solitary in school like Katniss, which is a reason why they ended up as friends. However, it is shown in the books that she can be urgent, strong, and steadfast in her way of speech. She was also very cautious, if not slightly suspicious and wary of people she didn't know, becoming distant and closed if offended. Since Katniss had only talked to Madge a few times in the course of their acquaintance, she hadn't ever thought of Madge as a "friend," and the feeling might have been mutual for Madge. Their relationship changed, though, when Madge visited Katniss in the Justice Building and gave her the mockingjay pin.

Physical descriptionEdit

Madge was described as having blond hair, usually worn down, and normally dresses plainly, though on the day of the reaping she wore a white dress, with her hair tied back with a pink ribbon, and a mockingjay pin that would keep a family in bread for months. Her appearance was much unlike those in the Seam, but as most in the wealthier end of District 12.


The daughter of Mayor and Mrs. Undersee, Madge was an only child, living with her mother and father in District 12. In Catching Fire, it was revealed that her mother's sister, Maysilee Donner, was a tribute in the Games for the Second Quarter Quell. Maysilee was killed by long-beaked birds and held by Haymitch as she died in the Games.


Katniss EverdeenEdit

Madge and Katniss were in the same year at school. Since Madge was quiet and didn't have a group of friends, she and Katniss were often paired together for projects, and sat together during lunch. Katniss states that most people would "expect her (Madge) to be a snob, but she's alright," implying that Katniss respected her. When we first meet Madge, she is answering the back door of her house to buy strawberries off of Katniss and Gale. She wishes Katniss luck, and the pleasantry is returned. Later, after the reaping, Madge visits Katniss in the Justice Building, and gives her the mockingjay pin, and a kiss on the cheek. In Catching Fire, Madge and Katniss begin to spend more time together. Madge begins to teach Katniss piano, while Katniss takes her across the district boundary into the forest, where she teaches Madge to hunt. Katniss visits Madge in her house before she leaves for the Victory Tour.

Gale HawthorneEdit

It is unknown whether or not Madge and Gale met before the series, but their conversation before the reaping, at Madge's back door, is frosty, alluding to the fact that Gale doesn't think very highly of her. He harasses her for not having to enter for tessarae, although that is hardly her fault. In Catching Fire, after Gale is beaten by Thread, Madge shows up at Katniss's house to give her a package of her mothers morphling, to help Gale cope with the pain. Also after giving the medicine Katniss wonders if Madge and Gale are having a secret affair, because when she showed up with the medicine she acted very shy and she had worry in her eyes.


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