Template:Character Template:Quote Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist and narrator of the Hunger Games trilogy. After her sister, Prim, was chosen to participate in the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss volunteered to take her place as the female tribute from District 12.

Her acts of defiance against The Capitol in the arena led the people of Panem to view her as the face of the rebellion. She later became what was called "the Mockingjay," and led the rebellion to victory against The Capitol, ending a 75-year-long suppression.

She will be portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games, which will be released on March 23, 2012.


Early lifeEdit

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Katniss Everdeen was born on May 8th in District 12. She has straight, black hair usually in a braid down her back, olive skin, and gray eyes. Katniss was close to her father and spent time hunting with him in the woods. There, he taught her about hunting, nature, and how to use a bow and arrow. Katniss's father also taught her how to swim in an small pond in the woods. When she was 11 years old, her father died in an explosion underground in the mines where he worked, leaving her to take care of her mother and sister. Katniss related in the book that she still has nightmares about the explosion and the day her father died, five years later. She still woke up screaming for him to run and wondering if he would ever come back to her. She resents her mother for succumbing to the depression caused by her husband's death, which left her unable to care for Katniss and her sister, Primrose Everdeen. The district gave a small amount of money to Katniss's family, allowing for a month grieving period before her mother was expected to get a job. When her mother did not get a job, Katniss was thrust into the role of provider and nurturer. She took on this role to avoid allowing her mother to be deemed an unfit mother, which would send herself and Prim to the community home.

A few weeks before May 8th, when Katniss would be able to sign up for tesserae, her family was already starving and she had succumbed to picking from trash cans. One night, when it was raining, she was yelled at by the Baker's wife for looking in their trashcan, even though it was empty. Seeing this, the Baker's son, Peeta Mellark, burned two loaves of bread, earning a hit from his mother. When he went outside with the pretense
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of feeding the burnt loaves to the pigs, he tossed them to Katniss instead and hurried back inside. This kind act is what gave Katniss the hope she needed to begin utilizing the skills her father had taught her to find food and trade. She increased her hunting and foraging skills, selling the illegal food at The Hob, the local Black Market where she made most of her living.

During her period of hunting alone, when she was twelve, Katniss met Gale Hawthorne after stumbling across his snares, which had caught a rabbit. At first, he thought that she was going to steal the snares, but after initial coldness, the two became hunting partners and shared their knowledge with one another; Gale teaching Katniss to tie snares, and Katniss sharing her father's herbological knowledge, as well as archery. Katniss eventually gives Gales a bow. Together, the two would trade at the Hob, although their illegal transactions were overlooked by the Peacekeepers who along with Katniss' family, lived off of her haul.

In addition to hunting and foraging, Katniss signed up for tesserae for each of her family members on her birthday each year, providing them with grain and oil. Katniss's underlying motive for doing this was to ensure that Prim would only have her name in the Reaping ball once when the tribute selection for the 74th Hunger Games was to be held.

The Hunger GamesEdit

When she is sixteen, Katniss volunteers to take her sister's place in the Hunger Games. The other tribute from her district is Peeta Mellark, the boy who had saved her family from starvation during her mother's depression by sneaking her some bread. Before she leaves for her trip to the Capitol, she goes to the Justice Building to say her final goodbyes to her loved ones. When she says goodbye to her mother and Prim, Prim makes her promise to try to win, so Katniss complies and tells her mother to make a promise that she won't leave Prim alone to take care of herself. Madge Undersee comes in to say her final goodbye to her by giving her the Mockingjay pin and a quick kiss on the cheek. The Baker, Peeta's father, comes in gives her cookies, a luxery, and tells her he will not let her family starve. Gale tries to give her a final piece of advice but is dragged out before he can finish since his time is up, leaving Katniss to wonder about the thing Gale wanted to say so badly. The district escort, Effie Trinket, takes the two to the train that then proceeds to send them to the Capitol. While on the way to the Capitol, Katniss and Peeta are meet their mentor and drunkard, Haymitch Abernathy.


When Katniss arrives at the Capitol, she gets prepared for the parade through the city streets. She is fussed over by her Prep team which consists of Octavia, Flavius, Venia. She then meets her stylist, Cinna who comes up with the idea that amazes all of Panem. Cinna dresses her up in a black unitard to represent coal and lights her and Peeta with synthetic fire that does not burn. She meets a haunting face from the past, Lavinia who is now an Avox. She goes to the training center to prepare for the games. Haymitch advises her not to show her full skills until the private sessions with the Gamemakers. During her training she and Peeta notice they are being followed by the little girl from District 11.

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During the private session, she is angered because the Gamemakers ignore her for a roast pig which has just arrived since she is from District 12, a district which is not known for producing victors. After she targets the apple in the roasted pig's mouth, she hits the mark, causing the anticipated reactions of shock and bewilderment among the Gamemakers. She scores an 11 for her temper and attitude. While preparing for interview night, she is stressed out by Haymitch and Effie. Cinna dresses her in a dress covered in jewels that make her look like she is being engulfed by flames when she moves. Cinna gives her advice before she does her interview, being the only one she truly likes and respects. She is interviewed by Caesar Flickerman and she talks about her stay at the Capitol. She becomes something of a celebrity in Panem and is given the advantage of sympathy after Peeta admits to all of Panem that he loves her.

The night before the Games, she is terrified of the horrors that await her in the arena. She goes to the rooftop and talks with Peeta. Peeta tells her that he wants to die as himself and show he is more than just a piece in the Capitol's Games. Katniss is enraged and leaves when he doubts he will win. Cinna dresses Katniss in the 74th Hunger Games standard uniform. While waiting for launch, Katniss and Cinna talk to each other. Cinna tells Katniss that he can't bet on any tributes due to his part in the preperation of the Games, but if he could he would bet on her. Katniss finds confidence in this and the speaker announces the tributes to launch.

When the Games begin, Katniss gets away from the Cornucopia quickly, getting into a minor tussle with the District 9 boy over a backpack which ends when the boy is knifed in the back by Clove. That pack was key to survival because it contained: a knife, a sleeping bag, an iodine (water purifier) dropper, water bottle, crackers, beef strips and night glasses. Katniss is almost killed in the Cornucopia when Clove aims a knife at her head; she blocks it by using her backpack and earns a good knife as a result. Over the next few days, Katniss moves further and further away from the Cornucopia, though she is substantially slowed down by a lack of water. She nearly dies of thirst before she finds a small pond to drink from, stumbling into it while she thinks of camouflaging her bright orange backpack, so it wouldn't draw too much attention. The next morning she is awoken by a wall of Gamemaker-made fire, including fireballs that are flung at her. She survives this but suffers minor burns on her hands and a severe burn on her calf. She goes to sleep and is woken by the sound of footsteps. Katniss is briefly chased by the Career pack, consisting of Glimmer, Marvel, Cato, Clove, the girl from District 4 and Peeta, and escapes up a tree. Cato tries to climb up after Katniss, but crashes to the ground because he is too heavy for the branches. All of the Careers are too heavy to climb after her and settle to wait for her to come down. Rue then appears high upin the tree and points to the tracker jacker nest above Katniss. Katniss cuts it down with the knife she received from Clove (she had fired a knife at her in the beginning which lodged itself in her backpack) and the tracker jackers attack the Careers, killing Glimmer and the girl from District 4. The other Careers all get tracker jacker stings, as does Katniss, and take several days to recover. When Katniss wakes up from the hallucinations caused by the tracker jacker venom, she proposes an alliance with Rue. She says Rue reminds her of Prim, in both size and demeanor. She tries to give Rue her pin, but Rue says no, saying that that was how she came to trust Katniss in the first place, seeing the mockingjay on it. Katniss and Rue then plan to destroy the Careers' food pile, with Katniss figuring that the Careers have had plenty of food their whole lives and that they would struggle if a direct food supply was taken away from them. Rue provides a distraction while Katniss checks out the Career camp. She discovers that the food is protected by landmines and shoots a sack that spill apples onto the ground, setting off all of the bombs. Nearly everything is destroyed and due to the explosion and her relative proximity, Katniss's ear is damaged.

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Katniss goes to the woods, listening for Rue. Her four note melody rings out through the woods from mockingjays, but she suddenly cries out for Katniss. Knowing it's probably trouble and possibly a trap, she runs through the trees to find Rue entangled in a mesh net, one arm sticking out before a spear is thrown into her abdomen by the boy from District 1, whose name is later revealed to be Marvel. Katniss kills the boy (with an arrow to the neck) and sits down with Rue, Katniss promises she'll win for the both of them and sings the Valley Song. She dies after Katniss finishes the song. Seeing Rue dead and angry that the Capitol enjoys watching innocent children die, Katniss decides to pick flowers and decorates Rue's corpse with them, hiding the wound and weaving them into her hair. When she finishes, Katniss realises how much it looks like Rue is in fact sleeping and does the signature District 12 farewell gesture to Rue. Later, this is seen as an act that defied the Capitol. She then takes her and the dead boy's backpacks, knowing that Rue would want her to have them.


By the time of the announcement that two tributes from the same district can win, her left ear is completely deafened. She cries out for Peeta, but them suddenly regrets it, realising the potential danger. She seeks out Peeta and finds him hiding in the mud of a riverbank, totally camouflaged. He was suffering from a severe cut on his leg Cato gave him, tracker jacker stings, and multiple burns. She washes him off at the river, treats the burns and stings, but cannot do anything for his leg but stuff some of Rue's leaves into it, drawing out infection and pus. Katniss does everything she can to care for him, but he eventually gets blood poisoning, weakening him.

A feast is then announced by the Gamemakers near the Cornucopia where Katniss will find the item she needs most (as all the other tributes will): the medicine needed to cure Peeta's blood poisoning. Katniss, knowing that going to the feast will be dangerous, insists on going, though Peeta refuses to let her. Immediately afterwards, Katniss receives sleeping syrup from their sponsors and tricks Peeta into consuming it by mixing the sleep syrup with berries, telling him it's "sugar berries." Precisely after eating the berries, he passes out for 24 hours, giving Katniss enough time to go to the Feast and get the medicine for his leg.

At the feast, Katniss is ambushed by Clove, who taunts her about Rue's death and Peeta's predicament. Clove tells her that Cato let her "have Katniss", but made her promise she to give the audience a "good show". Just as she is about to make the first cut at Katniss's lip, Clove is hurled away from her by Thresh, who quickly slams a large rock into her temple after accusing her of "cutting up" Rue. Katniss is surely afraid of what Thresh will do to her, but because of her alliance to Rue, who was from the same district as Thresh, he allows her to escape. He does not want to owe Katniss anymore and states that they are now even. She flees the feast with her life, and returns to the cave to heal both Peeta and her own wounds.

While they are both recovering, they see that Thresh has been presumably killed at the hands of Cato. During one night of rain, Katniss asks Peeta when he started loving her. Peeta tells her it was their first day of school when he heard Katniss sing the Valley Song. After the storm ended, the two went to hunt. When Katniss whistled for Peeta and he did not answer she ran towards him and the two argue for a bit until a cannon fires. They see Foxface's body being taken away. A few days later, the river is found empty, as well as the ponds. They figure that the Gamemakers want them to go to the lake.

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When they make it there they wait a few hours for Cato, the only other remaining tribute, to arrive. They are almost going to give up when he runs screaming towards them. When Katniss sees that he is running away from a pack of wolf muttations, she and Peeta immediately run away with him toward the Cornucopia. Peeta's only a few yards away telling Katniss to go. They reach the Cornucopia and scale it, though one of the mutts manages to injure Peeta. Once at the top of the horn, Cato finally gets back to his senses and strangles Peeta to the edge. Katniss shoots Cato on the back of his hand and he releases Peeta. Cato is later disarmed by the mutts and gnawed at by the wolves, being left to suffer. After some time, Katniss decides to kill him out of pity, not vengeance. It is then announced that the rule of two tributes winning if from the same district has been revoked and so she and Peeta must fight to the death. They pitifully realise that the former was just a ruse. Katniss aims her bow at Peeta when she sees he has picked up a weapon, but immediately drops it when he proceeds to throw it into the lake. Feeling guilty, she then takes out some deadly nightlock berries and gives a handful to Peeta, and the two of them threaten to commit suicide so there will be no winner and the Capitol will be humiliated. The plan works and both her and Peeta are crowned victors of the 74th Hunger Games. After their final interviews and dinner, they go on the train that takes them home. Katniss is confused about her feelings for Peeta and becomes even more confused the closer they get to home.

Catching FireEdit

Katniss is now back in District 12 living in the Victors' Village with her mother, Prim, and Buttercup, and neighbors Peeta and Haymitch. Soon, she and Peeta will have to leave home again for the Victory Tour where the winners of the previous Hunger Games travel to each district and make various appearances and public speeches. During much of the day, Katniss is bored with her new life, because now she has everything: money, a good home and a constant supply of food. One day after Katniss returns home from hunting game outside of the district, she is visited by President Snow, the president of Panem. He explains to Katniss that during the last Hunger Games when she tried to commit double suicide with Peeta by eating poisonous nightlock, she ignited a possible uprising in the districts. President Snow and Katniss have a lengthy conversation about the fact that if she doesn't convince the districts that she made the decision out of temporary lovesickness, then he will personally make sure she suffers.

Katniss, now convinced she has started a fire she cannot control, tries her best to convince everyone that she and Peeta are madly in love. When she and Peeta finally set off for the Victory Tour, everything is going smoothly and Peeta has agreed with Katniss that outside of being star-crossed lovers, they should try to be friends. When the tour arrives at their first destination, District 11, Katniss tells everyone the story of how Thresh spared her life, and how Rue became a valued ally during the Games. After her speech an old man whistles her and Rue's four-note tune that meant they were safe, and that signals the end of the work day in District 11, the crowd simaultaneously does a traditional District 12 gesture to show their thanks to Katniss. Soon after Katniss finishes her speech, a Peacekeeper shoots the man who whistled in the head, along with two others.

Near the end of the Tour, they visit the Capitol and when she and Peeta are being interviewed by Caesar, Peeta performs a fake proposal to Katniss, which she accepts. They then travel to District 12. Katniss suffers from nightmares throughout the night on the train, so Peeta sleeps in her bed to calm her and keep her company. Finally, they get back to District 12 and a huge party is thrown for them. While in the mayor's home, Katniss sees on the his television that there is an uprising going on in District 8. Katniss arranges a secret meeting with Gale, during which he confesses his love for her but she says that she does not have those feelings for him. Gale gets angry and disappointed but before he leaves Katniss accidentally tells him there was a rebellion in District 8. Gale then says that they could have a rebellion in District 12 as well, and he runs off to spread the news. Katniss then goes to Peeta to ask him if he would run away with her and he agrees to go with her, but while they are discussing the plans, they see that Gale is being violently whipped in the square by an unfamiliar man.

Katniss steps in to stop the man, whose name is Romulus Thread, but he gives her a lash across the face. Katniss gets severely hurt, but Haymitch and Peeta step in to save her. Eventually, the people of District 12, including many who frequent the Hob, convince Thread to stop whipping Gale. As soon as he leaves, everyone helps Katniss take Gale to her mother. Katniss' mother tries to soothe the pain by giving him medicine. Later on that night, Katniss says she picks Gale, but is still torn between him and Peeta.

Katniss realizes that she cannot stand to be at home, so she goes into the woods and heads to the lake. There, she meets two women named Bonnie and Twill who have run away from District 8. They say they are headed to District 13, since they believe that the district was not actually destroyed and there are people living there underground. When the evening comes, they leave Katniss and she returns to the village. However, she realizes that the fence to the district is now electrified and so she must climb a tree and jump from 25 feet in the air. She lands and hurts her tailbone and heel. She returns home to tell her mother how she fell after slipping on a patch of ice, but there are two Peacekeepers there waiting for her. They are surprised to see her, because they knew she was in the forest and believed she would be trapped on the other side of the fence. They were waiting for her not to show up so they can bring her family in for questioning. Luckily, Haymitch, Peeta and Prim were able to go along with a story to cover for her.

Once she is healed, her prep team comes to help with her wedding fashion shoot, along with Cinna. She listens to them speak of how they have not had shrimp in the Capitol for weeks and realizes that other districts are rebelling. That night, there is an important announcement made by President Snow: in honor of the third Quarter Quell, for the 75th Hunger Games the tributes will be reaped from the existing pool of victors. Since District 12 has only three winners, Peeta, Haymitch, and Katniss, Katniss knows that she is now going to be forced to go back into the Hunger Games.

She runs out of the house and into a basement of an empty house to scream and cry. She makes her way to Haymitch, where he already tells her Peeta has come to visit him, and told him that Peeta wants to go back into the arena to protect Katniss. She tells Haymitch that whatever they do, she wants Haymitch to make sure Peeta comes back alive. She and Haymitch get drunk and the next afternoon, she goes back to Haymitch's house, where Peeta has emptied all of his liquor and has threatened to turn them or anyone who gives them alcohol in. He tells them that they will be training for the Quarter Quell because two people will come back alive, and they begin to work out and study footage of past winners to see their competition.

On the day of the reaping, Katniss is the only choice for the female competitor, and the male competitor chosen is Haymitch. Peeta, however, volunteers to take his place. Instead of being able to tell their families goodbye, they are brought directly to the train and leave for the Capitol. Once at the Capitol, they eat and meet their competitors. During training, Katniss befriends Wiress and Beetee from District 3, who point out the force field used to separate the Gamemakers from the tributes. In her solo performance for the Gamemakers, Katniss sees Plutarch Heavensbee, the new Head Gamemaker, and decides to tie a noose around a dummy's neck. With berry juice, she writes the name "Seneca Crane," the former Head Gamemaker who was hung by orders of President Snow. She and Peeta both receive perfect 12s, which Haymitch explains was done to make sure the other tributes are gunning for the both of them.

The day of the interview, the prep team comes into Katniss' room and they start to cry; they leave one by one. Cinna comes in with her wedding gown for the photo shoot, specifically chosen by President Snow. She notes to Cinna that it's heavier than before, but he explains that he had to do some alterations and tells her do not lift her arms until she twirls on television. The interview atmosphere is different from the previous year. The tributes are speaking out against the Capitol, asking why President Snow is not stopping this if he is great and powerful. Katniss is last, who comes on stage with the dress on, apologizing to the crowd for not letting them see her get married. She twirls and raises her arms and the wedding dress burns away to reveal a different dress underneath. When she looks towards a television, she realizes that Cinna has turned her into a mockingjay.

Although Caesar knows what the dress represents, they play it off as the bird on Katniss' token. At Peeta's time to speak, he lies and tells the audience that he and Katniss are already married, and that Katniss is pregnant with Peeta's baby. This drives the audience to madness and hysteria.

Right before the Games are to begin, Katniss is with Cinna and steps on the plate to be taken to the arena, where she is frozen in place. Suddenly three Peacekeepers enter the room, beat Cinna and drag him out of the room. A frozen Katniss watches in horror, but is then transported into the arena. The plate leaves her in the middle of blue water, which she realizes "is no place for a girl on fire." While retrieving a bow and arrows, she sees that Finnick is wearing a gold bracelet that once belonged to Haymitch and realizes that this was his way of telling her to form an alliance with Finnick. She and Peeta run into the jungle with Finnick, who carries his 80-year-old district partner, Mags.

As they are walking, searching for drinkable water, Katniss notices a shimmering square and realizes that it is a force field surrounding the arena. Before she can stop him, Peeta walks into it and is repelled back, knocking Mags and Finnick to the ground. Peeta is not breathing. Panicked, Katniss begins to slap him but his heart has stopped. Finnick offers to help by performing CPR and Peeta is eventually resuscitated. Peeta asks Katniss how she recognized the force field. She does not want to let them know she can spot them visually, because the Gamemakers might do something to retaliate, so she tells them she heard it with her repaired ear.

Later that day she notices an unnatural fog in the distance. The mist from the fog causes blisters where it touches. When Peeta stumbles, she notices it also attacks the nerves, as his face droops and his legs stop working. Finnick agrees to carry Peeta if Katniss can carry Mags, which she agrees to. But after awhile, Katniss can not carry Mags anymore as her legs become paralyzed. Finnick comes back and tells Katniss he cannot carry them both. Mags kisses Finnick and runs into the fog, convulsing and dying. Over time, Katniss, Peeta and Finnick help each other as they meet different challenges in the arena.

Later, they meet Johanna Mason. Finnick runs to her and they hug. As Katniss and Peeta figure out what to do, they realize they cannot leave Finnick after all he has done, and go to Johanna. She has Wiress and Beeta with her. Beetee has received a knife in back, while Wiress is spinning in a circle saying "tick tock, tick tock" repeatedly. Johanna explains that Haymitch told her to bring them to Katniss for an alliance. Later that night, when Wiress restates "tick tock," Katniss begins to realize the arena is in the shape of a clock. She also remembers Plutarch Heavensbee showing her his clock watch and saying, "It begins at midnight," as an image of a mockingjay flashed on the watch face.

They go to the Cornucopia to see if they are correct and are proven to be right. While drawing up the map of the clock, Katniss realizes that Wiress has stopped singing, and turns with an arrow ready and hits Gloss in the temple, while Johanna buries an axe in Cashmere's chest. Katniss starts to realize that everyone is protecting Peeta and wonders if they believe that he can be the leader of the rebellion.

Later, Peeta tries to give Katniss a gold locket and tells her he wants her to win, because if she dies he has nothing to live for. They kiss, and she realizes that she loves Peeta and wants to fulfill her plan of keeping him alive. The next day, after telling Peeta that they need to leave the alliance, he tells her to wait because he believes Beetee has a plan. The plan is to tie Beetee's wire around a tree that is struck by lightning and run the wire into the ocean, making the beach a conductor to electrocute everything in its path. Katniss and Johanna are in charge of running the wire down to the beach because they are the fastest, however they are attacked by Brutus and Enobaria of District 2. Katniss is knocked in the head and through her blurred vision sees Johanna on top of her stabbing her arm, and telling her to stay down.

Katniss hears Finnick running but stays quiet so as not to alert him to her whereabouts, since she believes that he and Johanna have betrayed them. Realizing that Beetee was trying to blow up the forcefield, she wraps his wire around her bow and shoots it straight into the flaw in the forcefield at the exact moment when the lightning strikes the tree, blowing up the arena. She lays there realizing that the Capitol will not let anyone live after this, and sees Plutarch Heavensbee coming over to her as she passes out. She awakes in a hospital bed next to Beetee. She searches for Peeta, believing that the Capitol has captured them and planning to kill Peeta to save him from being tortured.

She passes a room and hears Plutarch talking to Finnick and Haymitch about getting someone out of District 4. She opens the door and Haymitch tells her that there was a plan to break them out the minute the Quell was announced. The victors from 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 11 had varying degrees of knowledge about it. Plutarch had been for several years part of a group planning to overthrow the Capitol. The hovercraft they are in is from District 13, which is where they are headed. She tells them that Johanna tried to kill her, but Finnick explains that she was removing Katniss' tracker, and that all of victor tributes in those districts have pledged their lives to her and the rebellion; that she is the mockingjay, the symbol of the rebellion.

She realizes that Haymitch had lied to both her and Peeta. He tells her that everyone kept Peeta alive because they knew that if he died she would never keep an alliance with the others. She asks where Peeta is, and Haymitch tells her he was picked up, along with Johanna and Enobaria, by the Capitol. In horror and anger, she attacks Haymitch, scratching his face. Finnick and others strap her down and drug her to keep her calm. Finnick tells her that the Capitol will at least keep Peeta alive to use as bait against Katniss.

Later, Gale visits her. He tells her that after the Games, the Capitol sent bombers to the districts. He explains that he was able to get her family out in time, but District 12 has been destroyed.


Katniss goes to visit what's left of District 13 that lives underground. She also goes to visit the ruins of District 12 after the fire bombing from the Capitol. She finds that Buttercup somehow survived the destruction of District 12 (she sarcastically states that the animal that did nothing survived while Lady, Prim's goat who helped the family with food, died.) She takes Buttercup hidden in her hunting bag as a comforting present to Prim who is at District 13 with her mother and the other residence of District 12 that survived the bombing. While examining her old room, she finds a white rose that was left by President Snow as a sign meaning that he was watching her, possibly right then.

Katniss is stressed by everything that is happening but is comforted by Gale's presence. She gets use to the life in District 13. Katniss watches Peeta's interview with Caesar Flickerman and is filled with joy that Peeta is still alive and healthy. She runs off to a supply closet and hides there alone until Gale enters. The two talk about the situation, and that is when she decides that she will be "the mockingjay", a symbol of the rebellion against the Capitol. As part of the deal, she demands that the leader of District 13, President Coin, grant immunity to all of the victors of the Hunger Games. She demands the right to kill President Snow herself and asks for her family to keep their cat, Buttercup. After the meeting, Plutarch takes her and Gale downstairs where they are stopped by a guard due to a secret room. Gale makes a distraction, and Katniss rushes in and sees her prep team being held prisoner.

Katniss helps them recover by taking them to her mother for treatment. During the meeting held by President Coin for the announcement of her role and conditions, Katniss sees Finnick distracted and in grief. She calls for him but he doesn't answer. She shakes him to get his attention, and the two embrace each other. When Katniss is reminded of Annie, she tells Coin to pencil in Annie as one of the victors to recieve immunity. Katniss is surprised by Coin's message during the meeting that, if she doesn't meet all of her obligations as the mockingjay, she and her friends and family are dead.

Katniss and Gale go hunting together like the old times, and they both enjoy it until they get in an arguement over the fact that she cares for her prep team. Katniss leaves and is angry with Gale. She is being fixed by her prep team to make her look beautiful for the propo she will film as the mockingjay. When they finish, she and Gale go downstairs to the weapons room where Beetee is making weapons for the rebels. After she receives her weapons, she goes to the room where she will shoot her first propoganda,or propo. After she finishes, Haymitch goes on the speaker and tells them, "That is how you end a revolution". After a brief meeting, they decide to let Katniss speak for herself and to do it in action. Katniss suits up in her mockingjay uniform and heads to District 8 to shoot her first propoganda. During her visit, the hospital is attacked by the Capitol. The rebel forces fight back and are able to defeat them, but the hospital is destroyed. Katniss speaks her own words after the attack. After viewing the finished propoganda, she sees that it is strong. The group decides to shoot more and to send her back into combat as soon she feels up to it.

Katniss has dinner with Finnick in the hospital. Finnick comforts her, and they watch the propoganda again. Katniss tells him to shut the television off but stops him because Caesar is going to interview Peeta. She notes Peeta lost fifteen pounds and watches the interview. After watching it, she pretends to have not seen it because Plutarch walks in and makes sure she is well. She is overwhelmed by Peeta's interview. Katniss and Finnick go to the woods to hunt in District 13. Katniss talks about Peeta's broadcast from last night and questions why no one is talking about it. Katniss is thankful that Finnick is here to listen to her.

The next day, Katniss and Gale have tension between them. Katniss is furious that Gale did not talk or say anything about Peeta's interview. Gale tells her it was to protect her and that he had to lie. Katniss, enraged by this, tells him to leave her alone and to stop lying to her. The next day, Katniss is informed she must go back to District 12 with Gale and the others to shoot more shots for the propoganda. Katniss goes to the remains of her home and feels pain inside of her. Katniss feels more pain when Gale asks to go to his house, but Cressida tells him to react the night of the bombing. Katniss goes and communicates with an avox that escaped the Capitol, Pollux. She sings "The Hanging Tree" to him but is cut off by Cressida. Katniss begins to forgive Gale because the two must stay together. Katniss goes back to the Victor village and searches the area. Katniss and Gale kiss because they are both in pain, and the only way to escape it is by doing this. A few days later, Katniss watches another interview of Peeta and becomes overwhelmed. When Peeta warns them of the attack, he is beaten, and blood splatters across the screen. Katniss sees this and goes into shock. She backs up Haymitch's theory that it is a warning of a bombing, and the inhabitants of District 13 retreat to a safe bunker. When Mrs. Everdeen arrives and is not with Prim, Katniss deduces that she went back for Buttercup. She stops the doors from being closed and locked in time for Prim and Gale to enter. Katniss stays with her family in one area, and after the first bombing, Mrs. Everdeen leaves to the first aid station to help. Katniss is worried about Peeta, but Prim comforts her and tells her President Snow wouldn't kill him because he needs him. Katniss asks what she thinks will happen to Peeta, to which Prim replies, whatever it takes to break her. Katniss plays with Buttercup during the night with a flashlight and imagines how she can get Peeta back. She goes to Finnick and shares her ideas of Snow's plan. Finnick tells Katniss he is doing the same but with Annie. The two continue to talk about President Snow's plan.

Katniss, while shooting a propoganda, can't take it anymore and breaks down along with Finnick. President Coin assembles a rescue team to rescue all victors in the Capitol, and Gale is the first to volunteer. In a daring rescue, Peeta Mellark and other victors(apart from Enobaria) are rescued from the Capitol. Katniss feels helpless when she is left from the rescue mission. She goes to visit Finnick, and the two talk about the mission and how if they die, it won't be bad because they won't have to feel any more pain. Haymitch informs them that they can help by shooting a propoganda. Katniss does an interview and tells them how she met Peeta and informs them of the time when President Snow told her the Capitol is fragile. She tells them it is because the Capitol depends on the districts, and without them, they would fall. Katniss is informed the the rescue party had arrived home safe. She sees Johanna and Annie are alive and that Peeta has been saved. However, Peeta has been hijacked into hating Katniss, and tries to strangle her to death her upon their reunion.

Katniss receives medical attention after the attempted strangulation. Prim comforts Katniss and they are informed by Plutarch that Peeta was brainwashed by the Capitol and is receiving all the treatment they can give him. Katniss is deeply depressed by this and goes to visit Gale and Beetee. She is sad that Gale and Beetee are building weapons to help their efforts but aren't thinking about the innocent people who may be injuried in the process. Katniss meets Delly Cartwright and informs her of Peeta's condition. Katniss watches Delly talk to Peeta and his outburst to her, shouting that Katniss is a muttation and District 12's destruction is her fualt. Katniss tells Plutarch if she is going to be the mockingjay, he must send her away from Peeta. She asks to be taken to the Capitol so she can end the war by killing Snow, but Plutarch tells her she can't until all the districts are on the rebels' side. Plutarch tells her District 2 is the only district still with the Capitol, and so she asks to be sent to District 2.

Katniss goes to District 2 with Haymitch, Boggs, Gale, and Beetee and meet Lyme at The Nut. While in The Nut, the group tries to think of a way to attack in, which would give them control over District 2. Gale suggests that they blow up the inside of The Nut, which upsets Katniss because Gale is willing to kill innocent people for the rebellion.

The rebels take control of the districts and finally begin an assault on the Capitol itself, which Katniss is a part of. However, an assault on a "safe" Capitol neighborhood goes wrong, and Katniss and her team flee further into the Capitol with the intent of finding and killing President Snow. The squad go further into the Capitol. Eventually, Katniss finds herself pressing on alone towards Snow's mansion which has supposedly been opened to shelter Capitol children (but is actually intended to provide human shields for Snow). Afterwards, bombs placed in supply packages kill many of these children and a rebel medical team, including Katniss' sister, Prim.

Katniss is burned by the explosion but receives medical attention at the Capitol hospital. President Coin visits her and tells her the rebels have won and she saved Snow for her to kill. Snow is tried and found guilty, but he tells Katniss that the final assault that killed Prim was ordered by President Coin, not the Capitol. Katniss realizes that if that was true, the bombing may have been the result of a plan originally developed by Gale. Katniss doubts this, but still realizes that she will never be able to look at Gale the same way, regardless of whether he was directly involved in Prim's death.

Coin gathers the seven remaining victors who survived and proposes a final Hunger Games but with the children of the most powerful people in the Capitol. Peeta, Annie, and Beetee vote no, but Johanna, Enobaria, Haymitch, and Katniss vote yes.

Katniss remembers a conversation with Snow in which they promised not to lie to each other. When she is supposed to execute Snow, she realizes that he was telling the truth and kills Coin instead. A riot ensues and Snow is found mysteriously dead, having possibly choked on his own blood or trampled by the crowd. Katniss is admitted to a secure holding room but acquitted due to her apparent insanity and returns to her home in District 12, while Gale goes to District 2 to work in the military and Mrs. Everdeen begins practicing at a hospital, unable to go back to District 12 due to the pain. Katniss becomes depressed and suicidal. Peeta returns soon after as well, having recovered immensely from his brainwashing. He plants primroses around Katniss' house as a memorial for her. Katniss recovers from her trauma, and her relationship with Peeta and Haymitch recovers as well. She makes a book filled with people who were important to her that died. After a while, Katniss and Peeta put together a book of all of the characters that died at the end of the series. Katniss writes all of the facts about the victims, including Rue, Prim, Boggs, Finnick, and more. Peeta draws all of the pictures in the book, if they had not found a picture of them. Peeta plays one final round of Real or Not and says, "You love me, real or not real?" Katniss answers back, "Real".

In the epilogue, Katniss speaks as an adult, more than fifteen years later. She is married to Peeta (but it is never stated directly), and they have two children. The Hunger Games are over, the arenas were destroyed and memorials were built. She dreads the day her children's innocent world is shattered by learning the details of their parents' involvement in both the Games and the war. When she feels upset, Katniss has taken to reminding herself of every good thing that she has ever seen someone do.


Peeta MellarkEdit



Katniss mentioned several times in The Hunger Games that she hated owing people something, and throughout her experience it seems, that out of all people, she keeps owing things to Peeta Mellark. The first time they "met", it had been a particularly hard winter day, after her father died. Katniss and her family were on the verge of starvation.

Peeta's mother had gone outside and seen Katniss looking into their trash bin, which was empty, and began screaming at her. Katniss hurried off and decided that maybe she could take something from the pigs. Inside, Peeta intentionally burned a loaf of bread so that Katniss could have it. The mother mentioned how no respectable customers would buy burnt bread and ordered him to feed it to the pigs after hitting him in the face. Peeta once again emerged from his small house and without looking at her, tossed the loaves to Katniss. This gave Katniss the will to not give up and to find and scavenge for food to feed her family and stay alive. She felt that she owed Peeta her life and the lives of her mother and Prim.

Katniss did not think about/continued to avoid Peeta until both were sixteen and the time came for the Reaping of the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss volunteered in place of her sister, Primrose, who was chosen as the girl tribute, while Peeta was chosen as the boy tribute. It was impossible for them to ignore each other, but she was distrustful of Peeta in the time of training that followed. She assumed that his pleasant demeanor toward her was a sham and he meant to betray her in the Games. She later learns that Peeta has been in love with her since they were five years old.

But it was never Peeta's intention to betray her, as all of Panem found during the interview prior to the Games. Peeta admitted to Caeser Flickerman that he loved Katniss, putting all of Panem — and most of all, Katniss — into shock. It is said in Catching Fire that Katniss has confused feelings about loving Peeta. This indecision most likely stems from a scene on the beach during the Quarter Quell when Peeta gifts Katniss with a pearl. It becomes a prized possession to her later on, especially in Mockingjay, when she keeps it on her person constantly and uses it to remember Peeta.

In Mockingjay, Peeta, after being kidnapped by the Capitol, is a victim of hijacking; leaving all of his memories of Katniss ruined. After Katniss finds out that President Snow is torturing Peeta to break her, she seeks Finnick's company, and finds out that Snow is doing the same thing to him with Annie. Together, they tie knots with a short piece of rope to distract themselves from the thought. When he is finally rescued, Katniss visits him, only to be nearly strangled by Peeta. Convinced there is still hope, she tries to win back the Peeta she once knew. In the Epilogue of Mockingjay, it is revealed that Katniss is in love with Peeta and marries him and they have two unnamed children, a boy and a girl. Although Katniss has been through many hard times she gets through it roughly and will eventually tell her children everything that has happened.

Gale HawthorneEdit



When Katniss was twelve years old, she met Gale Hawthorne in the woods outside of District 12. He too provided for his family, since his father also died in the same mining accident that claimed Katniss' father. When they first met, Katniss said her name so softly that Gale thought she said Catnip.They slowly began to trust each other, and eventually become a close duo. Gale taught Katniss about snares, while she taught him what she knew about edible foods and gave him a bow that her father had made before his death. Over time, the two seemed to develop feelings for each other, although Katniss was not sure if hers were romantic or platonic.

Gale never revealed his love for Katniss until Catching Fire, when he unexpectedly kissed her in the woods. In the beginning of Catching Fire, President Snow threatens to kill Gale and his family while talking to Katniss. He tells her he knows about their kiss. Later in the book, when Katniss proposes they run away, he tells her he loves her, but she only responds with an "I know," and when she tells him she wants to bring Haymitch and Peeta, Gale gets frustrated, and Katniss lets it slip out about an uprising in District 8. Gale says that this could be the start of what they have been waiting for, but it scares Katniss, and Gale says "I've changed my mind. I don't want anything made in the Capitol" throwing Cinna's gloves at her, and making her think it was a reference to herself.

Later on, Katniss stops Gale from being whipped, later finding out it was because he brought a turkey he shot to Cray's home, but found the new Head Peacekeeper, and was forced to plead guilty to poaching. Katniss sees this when her and Peeta are walking, and Peeta sees and tells Katniss to go home, but she ignores him and runs to stop it, but gets lashed on the cheek in the process. The whipping is ended, and Gale is brought to Mrs. Everdeen. Katniss stays with him when he is stablized, and kisses him, bringing him back to consciousness. She is awoken to a hurt Peeta, seeing that Katniss's hand is holding Gale's. Katniss decides to choose Gale but cannot help wanting Peeta. She becomes increasingly distant from Gale after the Quarter Quell is announced.

When it comes time for Katniss to leave after the Reaping for the Quarter Quell, she says, "How much better my life has been knowing him [Gale]. For loving him, even if it's only in the limited way that I can manage," proving she was in love with him. When she wakes up in 13, he explains that he got Katniss's mom and Prim out in time, but that District 12 has been destroyed.

In Mockingjay Katniss and Gale's relationship becomes more romantic as the book progresses. He does everything he can to make her happy, including being the first one to volunteer to go to the Capitol and save Peeta, Annie, and Johanna, risking his life. Towards the end, Katniss can't bear to be with Gale anymore because Katniss' sister Prim was killed by a firebomb that she believes was made by Gale.

After Katniss kills President Coin, she is informed on her return to District 12 by Greasy Sae that Gale left District 12 to take up a fancy job in District 2.

Primrose EverdeenEdit


File:Screen Shot 2012-02-05 at 4.40.26 PM.png

Katniss Everdeen had a strong relationship with her sister, Prim. Katniss stated that Prim was the only one she loved. Katniss did everything to keep Prim safe and happy. Katniss did everything to keep Prim alive, hunting for food, selling and trading at the Hob. Katniss once wanted to give Prim a gift for her birthday even though she had no money to spend but bargained for a goat which Prim later named Lady. Katniss even tolerated her sister's ugly cat she found and kept as a pet named Buttercup. Katniss was very protective of Prim and planned and did everything to make sure Prim wouldn't have to take tessera so she would have a better chance of never being reaped into the Hunger Games. This backfired when Prim was chosen to participate in the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss was willing to die for Prim and volunteered for her. Prim tried to stop Katniss since she knew she would most likely not survive the horror of the Games but Gale Hawthorne held her back. In the book Prim makes Katniss promise to try her best and return home. In the film Katniss gave the mockingjay pin to Prim for good luck and a sense of safety after Katniss volunteers for her.

In Catching Fire, Katniss tried her best to protect Prim from President Snow. She reminded herself Prim is the reason why must go on.

In Mockingjay, Katniss and Prim's relationship grew much deeper and the two become closer then ever when Katniss struggled with her fear for Peeta's safety while he was being held at the Capitol. Prim would alway comfort and listen to Katniss and give her some advice to her problems. Katniss was heartbroken and became depressed enough to attempt suicide by trying to starve herself to death and wept many times after Prim was killed in a bombing that could have been from one of Gale's bombs. When Prim's cat, Buttercup travels all the way from District 13 to 12 just to find Prim, Katniss yells at him "She's dead!" and later the two mourn over Prim together. Later on, Peeta comes back holding what Katniss thinks are just roses, and is about to yell at him because that was just another one of his hijack moments to break her, but before she does she realizes they are not normal roses, but primroses. Peeta brought the flowers to plant around the house as a memorial to Prim.

Madge UnderseeEdit

Katniss and Madge Undersee, the mayor's daughter, were as close as each could get to having a friend in school. Often, they were paired with each other for assignments in school, making a small but stable relationship together.

Before Katniss goes to the Capitol, Madge requests that she wears a pin with a symbol of a mockingjay on it as her district token. It is considered as a slap in the face to the Capitol due to the symbolism of the mockingjay as a creature that survived despite the Capitol's plans. This visit from Madge officially branded the pair as friends.

In Mockingjay, it reveals that Madge died along with her family when District 12 was bombed by the Capitol because of Katniss' actions.

Haymitch AbernathyEdit



Haymitch, the only living victor of District 12 besides Peeta and Katniss, was Katniss and Peeta's mentor during the Games. Katniss says in Catching Fire that Haymitch is like family.

Haymitch means a lot to Katniss, and vice versa as he displayed in The Hunger Games by choosing her over Peeta. He tried hard to save her in the 74th Hunger Games and send her messages. In Catching Fire, Peeta says that she and Haymitch are alike. They understand each other and can relate and sometimes know what the other is thinking. In Mockingjay, they both comfort each other and Katniss goes to him for advice and comfort. Haymitch loves both her and Peeta but tries to hide it.

Haymitch first meets Katniss when she volunteered to go in instead of Prim at the reaping for the 74th Hunger Games. He stated that she had "spunk." He was impressed by Katniss but he collapsed afterwards because he was drunk, falling off the stage. At first, he dismissed her as well as Peeta but decides that they may be worthy of winning the Games after they gang up on him. Katniss is convinced that Haymitch hates her and he does not try to contradict her. He is hard on them but his teachings are the only things that help them through the Games. During the Games, Katniss and Haymitch, albeit being apart, develop an understanding and a strong bond is forged. Haymitch is the first whom Katniss thanks when she leaves the arena.

In Catching Fire, Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch are closer and always deal with whatever threat comes in front of them. When the reaping comes it is actually Haymitch's name drawn but Peeta volunteers. Haymitch keeps his role as a mentor despite the end of the Games.

After Peeta is captured by the Capitol, Katniss becomes angry with Haymitch and rejects him. It isn't until she decides to be the Mockingjay that they speak again. Haymitch cares about her, understanding her more than others. For instance, when she realizes how Snow is using Peeta, Katniss runs to Haymitch as she breaks down, for they both care about him. Later, Katniss goes to Haymitch to confide in her idea of Coin killing Prim, and when he teases her, causing her to flee, he tries to follow her (but trips) and get her to talk of her problems. He continues to be her "mentor" when she is sent back to District 12.

Effie TrinketEdit

File:People-1 large.jpg

Effie annoyed Katniss greatly due to her manners, and appearance. Katniss hated this and often bothered Effie by purposely using poor manners. Effie was upset when Katniss and Peeta joked about Haymitch being drunk during the reaping and making a fool of himself on national television. Effie attempted to teach Katniss manners but she continued to be poor in manners and personality during her preperation for the interviews with Caesar Flickerman. Effie did her best to help Katniss and Peeta. Effie could not bear to say goodbye to Katniss during the 74th Hunger Games since she did care for her. Effie annoyed her during the Victory Tour by being extremely angry about the sudden stop during the train ride to District 11, which caused Katniss to lose it and yell at Effie. She later apologized to Effie when she got more mellow. Effie assisted Katniss again during the Third Quarter Quell. Effie let her make more choices during the preperation for the games. Effie was taken away the night before the Third Quarter Quell, which Katniss felt bad because this could be the last time she saw her and wasn't able to say goodbye to her in person but told Haymitch to tell her she said goodbye and to make it special since it's Effie. Katniss was surprised when Effie came back to her before Snow's trial and that she was on the rebellion side instead of the Capitol. Katniss made a mental note to give Effie immunity from being killed by Coin, because she likes Effie.


Template:Quote Cinna, Katniss' stylist in The Hunger Games, was expected by Katniss to be like her prep team (whom she is not particularly fond of), but turns out to be a very decent person and quickly becomes someone she trusts.

In her victor's house, there is a phone which had no use before she started to chat with Cinna about her talent. Since the only thing she was good at was hunting, Cinna suggested fashion designing. He took care of everything for her, including creating a book of sketches that she could show to the cameras. Cinna designed many things for her, including her opening ceremony garment for the Hunger Games, which sparked his theme for her major public appearances, "Katniss, the girl who was on fire."

Katniss feared for his safety before the Quarter Quell, and indeed, as Katniss is in her glass cylinder, about to launch into the 75th Hunger Games, Peacekeepers enter the launch room and beat Cinna unconscious. This act causes Katniss to unhinge for a point, fretting that they will kill him for his design of her wedding dress during the interview. They drag him away and, according to Plutarch Heavensbee, he is killed during interrogation. Katniss suspects that President Snow planned this to throw her off-guard while in the Hunger Games arena.

Despite Cinna's death, his designs live on in the third book, Mockingjay. He had already designed her mockingjay uniform, sketching it out in secret a few weeks before the start of the 75th Hunger Games, knowing there would be a war. His last message to Katniss is written under a sketch of her pin in the sketchbook containing his designs for her mockingjay uniform. The message reads, "I'm still betting on you."


File:Rue watches katniss from the training room.jpg


Katniss first meets Rue in the training center. She trusts Rue because of her similarities to Prim and her aid to Katniss during the tracker jackers. Katniss also feels pity and empathy for Rue, being so only 12 and much smaller than the other tributes.

Rue trusted Katniss when she saw that Katniss had on a mockingjay pin. She then proceeded to help her with a plan to destroy the Career's supplies. But soon after the second fire was lit, Rue stumbled into a trap set up by Marvel, who stabbed her through the abdomen with his spear while Katniss ran to save her. After killing Marvel by shooting an arrow in his neck, Rue asked Katniss to sing to her as she died. As a way to honor her death and show her anger at the Capitol, Katniss covers Rue's corpse with brightly colored flowers and gives her Disrict 12's farewell gesture. This act was later omitted from the 3-hour showing "because even that smacks rebellion"

Johanna MasonEdit

Template:Quote When they first met, during the 75th Hunger Games in Catching Fire, both Johanna and Katniss had a strong dislike for each other. However, once inside the arena the two were thrown together into an alliance set up by Haymitch, and the rebels of District 13. Even though the two were now allies, they still didn't trust each other. During the escape from the arena at the end of these Hunger Games, Johanna 'attacked' Katniss for the purpose of removing a tracking device from her arm, then lead Brutus and Enobaria, the District 2 tributes, away from Katniss. As a result of this, Katniss began to hate Johanna, until she realized what Johanna had done.

After being rescued from Capitol clutches in Mockingjay, Johanna and Katniss start to become friends. First, Johanna, knowing that Katniss is indebted to her, begins to siphon off Katniss's morphling supply. As a result of the time spent together in the hospital, the two grow closer, and eventually become friends. Once they are released from the hospital, Johanna and Katniss willingly move into a compartment in District 13 together, proving their friendship.

Finnick OdairEdit

Katniss first met Finnick at the opening cerimonies for the Quarter Quell while waiting for the chariots to leave Finnick approaches Katniss and offers her sugar. Katniss remains calm and composed although she feels a little uncomfortable by how close he gets to her and even more so when Finnick implies people pay him with secrets and asks Katniss if she has any secrets worth his time however Katniss doesnt break his gaze and simply says she is an open book. During the 3 days training Finnick continues to be friendly to Katniss when talking to her and even offers to give her an hour of trident lessons in exchange for Katniss giving him an hour of archery instruction.

At the beginning of the 3rd Quarter Quell, Finnick Odair startled Katniss with his proposal for an alliance. She was unsure of how to react, but accepted his offer after she noticed his golden bracelet that she knew came from Haymitch. Still not fully trusting of him, Katniss remained extremely wary of his every move. However, he proved his usefulness and reliability when he revived Peeta when he accidentally ran into a force field, and saved Peeta in the midst of a fight, even though it meant he got wounded himself.

At the beginning of Mockingjay, Finnick was deeply distressed and unable to focus on anything but to save Annie Cresta, who had been kidnapped and was being tortured in the Capitol. One of the only ways he kept himself sane was by making different knots on a rope, over and over again. He later gave that same rope to Katniss to aid her during the bombing of 13 and because Peeta is also being held captive in the capital.

While on the mission to President Snow's mansion, the group was attacked by Lizard Muttations and Finnick was decapitated before Katniss could rescue him. As Finnick died, Katniss got impressions of his life, including a silver parachute bearing the trident that won him his Games, Mags' laugh, his life on the seas of District 4, and Annie's face. Then it was gone.


Although Haymitch and Cinna expected Peeta and Katniss to join forces in the Hunger Games, the two did not comply. Peeta ended up in a brief alliance with the Career Tributes, while Katniss joined up with Rue, the small tribute from District 11. Katniss had not made an attempt to form an alliance with Peeta until finding out that if both tributes from the same district are the last two alive, they can both win. After hearing the news, she finally attempts to find and form an alliance with Peeta, even though she knows he is severly injured.



Rue, being the smallest tribute, was also the most vulnerable. She reminded Katniss of Prim, who was also small and fragile. Against her better judgment, Katniss allied with Rue. Rue completely trusted Katniss, handing over her life and loyalties to her, because she had the mockingjay pin Madge gave her which reminded Rue of home.

The two form an unshakable bond during the Games, both driven by their determination to live. Katniss comes up with a plan to destroy the food supply of the Career tributes, which ends up successful. However, Rue is captured in a net as she is heading to the designated third clearing to start the fire. Katniss arrives just in time to see Marvel spear Rue in the abdomen. She sends an arrow into his neck and he dies.

Katniss stays with Rue up until she dies, singing her a lullaby because Rue's favorite thing was music, and she requested her to sing. Of course, Katniss couldn't refuse. Katniss sings a song her father taught her to Rue in the the last minutes on her life. Out of vengeance over the unjustified death of an innocent girl, Katniss buries Rue in bright flowers and parts from the scene with one last gesture; the District 12 signal that shows respect and farewell. The Capitol edits this part from the games, as a result. Every call of a mockingjay reminds Katniss of Rue.

In Catching Fire, as a result of Katniss' grief, Peeta paints a picture of Rue buried in flowers during his private session with the Gamemakers, staging his own small rebellion and proving his refusal to play by the Capitol's rules.

Peeta MellarkEdit

Peeta had originally joined with the Career Tributes, but this was just an act to protect Katniss and lead the Careers farther away from her. Having a not-so-secret crush on Katniss put him in the mind frame of protecting Katniss at all costs. Eventually, he fights Cato, the leader of the Careers, in order for Katniss to escape, and he is wounded terribly.

Near the end of the Games, Claudius Templesmith informs the remaining six tributes that there can be two winning victors for that year, provided that they are both from the same district. Katniss rushes to form an alliance with Peeta, who's still wounded. The two of them are an inseparable pair from then on.

Since Cinna, Haymitch, and Portia worked so hard to play up the romance from the start, Katniss tries to pretend to be fully in love with him. They keep this up until the end of the Games, after Cato has died and they are the only remaining tributes. Claudius Templesmith then again informs the two over a loudspeaker that there may only be one victor for the 74th Hunger Games, leaving the two together in the arena to fight each other to the death.

Peeta begs for Katniss to kill him, willing to lay down his life for hers, but Katniss thinks of a way to let them both die together. Collecting nightlock (poisonous berries), she instructs Peeta to eat a handful or berries with her once she reaches the count of three in a double suicide. She does so under the pretense that she wishes the two lovers will never be separated, but by death, when really she suspects that rather than have no victor, the Capitol will allow them both to live. The Head Gamemaker, Seneca Crane, is shocked and desperate at the prospect of losing the remaining tributes, and so it is announced that the Games are concluded and both are victors of the 74th Games.


During the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss killed Glimmer, the female tribute from District 1, and the female tribute from District 4 by dropping a tracker jacker hive on them while they slept. Her next kill was Marvel, the male tribute from District 1. She shot him in the neck after he plunged a spear into Rue's stomach. During the final fight between Katniss, Peeta, and Cato, Cato was mortally wounded by wolf-like muttations. Katniss mercifully killed him by shooting an arrow into his head.

During the 75th Hunger Games, Katniss killed Gloss, the male tribute from District 1, after he slit Wiress' throat.

During the book Mockingjay, Katniss destroys several bombers belonging to the Capitol and kills Peacekeepers, a Capitol citizen, and President Coin.

75th Hunger GamesEdit

The 75th Hunger Games is a Quarter Quell (Quarter Quells occur every 25 years and these Hunger Games are even more horrible as they are made with some rule twist to remind the Districts that they could not win ever, although every rule twist was involved with the reapings) and against the deal that when a Victor wins they will never have to be a victim in the Games again, the contestants are reaped from the existing pool of victors. Katniss is chosen, being the only current female victor from District 12, to participate again in the 75th Hunger Games. Haymitch is chosen as the male victor/tribute, but to protect Katniss Peeta volunteers himself.

When the private training sessions come around, neither Katniss nor Peeta know exactly what they're going to do, although Katniss suggests Peeta do camoflouge while Katniss herself thinks she might do something with arrows. When Peeta's name is called Katniss waits for 40 minutes before being called herself. We later find out Peeta has painted a picture of Rue dead, covered in flowers, aiming to hold the Gamemakers responsible for killing her. When Katniss's name is called she knows Peeta has done something very bad and to prevent something horrible happening to him she tries to draw the attention away from him by hanging a dummy and writing 'Senca Crane', the Gamemaker who was killed for letting both Peeta and Katniss survive in the 74th Hunger Games, on it with berry juice. Later Peeta and Katniss both receive a perfect 12 in training score so the other tributes will have no choice but to target them.

In the interviews Katniss wears a wedding dress that burns off to reveal a mockingjay dress underneath. Peeta, again blows everyone else's interviews out of the water by announcing the false statement that Katniss is pregnant and she and Peeta are already married, and Katniss rebels again in joining hands with the other tributes.

During the GamesEdit

"Katniss Everdeen, the girl who was on fire, burns on."

When the Games begin, Katniss picks up a bow at the Cornucopia and becomes allies with Finnick Odair, who helps her get Peeta. Later she aligns with District 3's Beetee and Wiress, District 7's Johanna Mason, and Mags, Finnick's fellow district tribute.

On the beach, Peeta states how nobody in District 12 needs him and how Katniss should be the one who wins, but then Katniss realizes how much she needs him and passionately kisses him, feeling the same feeling that she felt when she kissed Peeta in the caves during the 74th Hunger Games. She even states that for the first time in the games, she felt happy, and it was directed at Peeta.

Katniss suggests later to Peeta that they ditch the alliance before it is too late, but they never get a chance, as they are separated during Beetee's plan to electrify the water, which is really a plan to blow out the force field surronding the arena. But Beetee is hurt just before the lighting storm starts and when Katniss finds him, she dazedly figures out what he was really doing. She then does blow out the force field. The tributes Beetee, Finnick, and Katniss are then collected by the rebels, while the Capitol captures Enobaria, Johanna, and Peeta, to torture for information about the rebels in District 13.

After the GamesEdit

When Katniss fully wakes she is in the Rebels midst. Beetee and Finnick are also here. During a conversation with Plurtarch Heavensbee, Finnick, and Haymitch, who were all really Rebels, she finds out they have not saved Peeta and Katniss becomes so enraged with Haymitch she rakes her nails over his face, causing blood to flow. She is then carried back to her bed by Finnick, who talks to her and then cries.

Although it is not mentioned in the book, it seems they both share the same fate, as both their loved ones are taken-Annie Cresta and Peeta Mellark and tortured for evidence and used as bait in Mockingjay. Katniss also discovers at the very end of Catching Fire that there is no District 12.

Physical description and personalityEdit

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Katniss has strong survivalist instincts due to her difficult past and is a wonderful archer. Katniss has straight long black hair, which she normally pulls back into a long braid, olive skin, and gray eyes. She is small in stature and light for her age, being one of the smallest tributes in her games, but due to her outdoor life, she is strong for her size. She is also known as "the girl on fire" during the Hunger Games; she earns this title from her fierce personality and the outfits created for her by her stylist, Cinna. Katniss is not very image-conscious, to the consternation of Venia, one of her stylists. In the first book, her hearing in her left ear is destroyed because of an explosion caused in the arena, but it is fixed in the Capitol in the end, as are all of her other major and more minor injuries including the erasing of any scars. Before entering the arena the first time, Katniss had many minor scrapes and cuts, and her outward appearance was very much imperfect. However, after she won, they were repaired by the Capitol doctors. Most notable about her appearance and demeanor, however, was the image she unconsciously projected, as noted by her co-tribute Peeta.

In The Hunger Games, Katniss wore worn-out clothes with hunting boots, and sometimes wore her father's hunting coat. During the reaping, she wore her mother's blue dress. At the parade in the capitol she wore the costume that Cinna made that gave her the name "the girl on fire". She wore a black unitard representing coal and lit them with synthetic fire that doesn't burn but can be quenched by a solution made to counter it. He keeps the theme by designing Katniss' interview dress, a gown made completely of precious jewels in flame colors, reflecting the lighting to make her look like she is "engulfed in flames". During the Hunger Games she wore a hooded black jacket that fall down to the thighs and reflects body heat, tawny trousers, sturdy brown belt, and a green button-up shirt (which in the film adaption will be black) she also wears her Mockingjay pin. Cinna also designs her Victor dress, keeping the theme of fire, yet toning it down to candlelight to symbolize innocence other than the fiery spirit for which the theme was first created.

In Catching Fire, she wore many dresses due to the victory tour held six months after the games are over. The outfit Cinna designs for the first day of the Victory Tour Katniss describes as, "Flowing black pants made of a thick, warm material. A comfortable white shirt. A sweater woven from green and blue and gray strands of kitten-soft wool. Laced leather boots that don't pinch my toes." Another one of Cinna's outfits for the Victory tour includes a white coat, leather gloves, a bright red scarf, and earmuffs. The outfit Katniss wears in District 11 is described as, "a pretty orange frock patterned with autumn leaves." Cinna designs dresses for Katniss to wear to banquets and balls. One is described by Katniss as a pale pink and strapless. Another is described by Johanna Mason as a dark blue velvet number. The dress worn by Annie Cresta at her wedding was designed by Cinna for Katniss in District 5. After Katniss accepted Peeta's proposal during the Victory Tour stop at the Capitol, Cinna designed a set of wedding dresses. The Capitol audience voted on the finalists to select the one that would have been used for the wedding. Katniss describes the winner as having sleeves that touch the floor and lots and lots of pearls. During the third quarter quell she wore a fitted blue jumpsuit only 1/2 inch thick made of sheer material, zipper in front, six inch wide padded belt covered in purple plastic and nylon shoes with rubber soles. Every victor wore a blue jumpsuit, and a belt that was also a flotation device. The belt was filled with a thick, purple, liquid. Katniss also wore her Mockingjay pin.

In Mockingjay, she wore a plain grey shirt and pants since all residents of District 13 wear this. Cinna had designed a uniform for Katniss to wear for her role as the mockingjay. The uniform was black body armor. It had a helmet that can turn into a hood, a chest plate to protect vital organs and had a special reinforcements over her heart, short sleeves that reach to her elbows and white folds under her arms. She had hidden weapons in her boots and belt. Katniss wears a bloody bandage to cover the scar on her left arm that Johanna Mason gave her when she cut her tracker out during the 75th Hunger Games. She also wears her Mockingjay pin over her heart.

The Hunger Games has subtle hints towards Katniss' personality. First off, she is not socially adept. She has a hard time thinking on her feet in social situations (unlike Peeta). Katniss is slow towards relationships, not knowing about Gale's feelings for her and failing to recognize Peeta's.

She is an independent survivalist, lethal, but good at thinking outside the box.

Katniss is very strong, stubborn and determined. Often, she will react first and ask questions later. She'll do anything to survive. Even when she was joined up with Rue, she said she hoped that she didn't have to be the one to kill her. But yet, when it came to Peeta, she tried her best to figure a way for them both to survive.

Even though she can sometimes be a bit self-centered and self-reliant, she does have her noble spots in her, protecting those she loves; for example, caring for Prim, looking out for Rue, and ending Cato's life mercifully even though he caused her so much pain or when she shields Gale to keep him from being whipped, even when it means a lash for herself. Katniss has a instinct to protect those who are weak such as Rue, Wiress and her prep team.

Unlike her younger sister, she isn't a natural born healer. In one story, she ran from the house in fright while Prim and her mother cared for a dying man. She even had trouble healing Peeta, being squeamish and reluctant to care for him unclothed. Instead, she mentions she is more like her father. She is skilled at hunting and gathering herbs. She is built to survive.

In Mockingjay, it is shown that Katniss dislikes being a "pawn", and hates having the weight of Panem on her shoulders.



Katniss is a highly skilled archer, hunter, and trapper, having learned these from her father and Gale, honed to keep her family from starving. She uses her archery and her daring to score an 11 (out of a possible 12) during the pre-games judging. She has been well educated on edible, medicinal, and poisonous plant life of District 12. Additionally, she has a good singing voice, also from her father, although she has been reluctant to sing since his death. She had some experience with a knife. Katniss is a skilled tree-climber, which has benefited her in hunting and the Games. She is usually very logical except for times when her emotions get in the way.



Katniss has a gold pin depicting a mockingjay, which was given to her by her friend, Madge Undersee. After she wins the Games, it becomes a symbol of rebellion for the Districts against the Capitol, and a symbol of Katniss herself, as her actions were never meant to exist. However, many ignorant Capitol citizens still use it as a symbol of fashion, a remembrance of Katniss's exciting Games. Katniss also receives from Peeta a pearl along with a gold locket engraved with a mockingjay, containing a picture of her mother, her sister Prim, and Gale during the Quarter Quell in Catching Fire. She is later seen throughout Mockingjay keeping the pearl close to her as a prized possession. In Mockingjay Katniss receives a bow and arrows from Beetee. They have mechanical properties, and can be voice activated.


Katniss's only family is Primrose Everdeen and her mother, Mrs. Everdeen. Her father died in a mine explosion. Katniss would do anything to protect Prim (short for Primrose), even if it means her own death. Her mother suffered extreme depression after the death of her husband, Katniss's father, leaving Katniss to become the head of the family, despite her young age. Mrs. Everdeen is a skilled healer, and Prim is something of an assistant.

Gale Hawthorne and his family are like extended family for her. In Catching Fire, it is revealed that during the Hunger Games, Gale presented himself to the Capitol media as Katniss's cousin, in order to be interviewed about her without detracting from the romance which Katniss and Peeta were presenting to survive the arena. After the 74th Hunger Games conclude, President Snow threatens Katniss with Gale's life if she does not perpetuate this lie, and so she does. As part of this sham romance, Peeta and Katniss become engaged, and Peeta tells a TV interviewer that Katniss is pregnant. It is later revealed in Mockingjay that Gale loves Katniss.

Even though her father is dead, she still misses him dearly. With the possible exception of Prim, there was no one Katniss loved more than her father. He taught her to hunt, swim, and live off the wild, skills that served her well during the games. Katniss inherits a beautiful singing voice from her father, shown when either of them sing the mockingjays stop to listen. He taught her many songs such as "The Hanging Tree" and the lullaby Katniss sang to Rue as she died. But after her father's death, singing reminds her too much of her father so she only does it rarely.

When Katniss's mom heard Katniss singing "The Hanging Tree" she yelled at him for teaching her that, and tells Katniss to forget the song. Katniss runs away to the hide out and of course because she was told to forget the song, she distinctly remembers it. She remembers it a lot, especially after her father's death. Katniss sings the "Hanging Tree" once to Pollux when he wanted her to sing for the mockingjays and a few other times through out the book Mockingjay.

Katniss sings the Meadow Song to her two children, and many times through out the series.

The rebellion drives Katniss's family apart. Prim's death in a bombing devastates Katniss. The trauma leaves her a "mental Avox", unable to speak until her encounter with Snow after his imprisonment. Her mother leaves District 12 permanently, taking a position in another district to build a hospital. Katniss returns home with Haymitch, where she finds that Peeta has also returned, yet Gale has not. Katniss and Peeta rely on each other while recuperating from the war, and rebuild their relationship.

Several years after the end of the rebellion (in the epilogue to Mockingjay) Katniss and Peeta start a family together. It is assumed they wed. Of their children, who remain unnamed, their first is a girl, who has black hair like her mother, and blue eyes like her father; the second is a boy, with blond hair like his father, and grey eyes like his mother. He is also about 2 years younger than his sister.


  • Katniss was named after the edible plant "katniss" that she collected from around the lake outside of District 12. The genus name of this aquatic plant family is Sagittaria. Sagittarius is known as "The Archer" in the classic western zodiac.
  • Katniss was born on May 8th.
  • She is known also as "The girl on fire" because of the outfit created by Cinna that she wore for the chariot rides that lit on fire intentionally.
  • Her favorite color is green.
  • Her favorite food in the Capitol is lamb stew with dried plums.
  • She is known as "The Mockingjay" during the rebellion against the Capitol.
  • Of all the promotional character posters for the film, Katniss' is the only one facing right.
  • Her only victims in the games are Career Tributes.

Film portrayalEdit

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On March 17, 2011, Lionsgate confirmed that Jennifer Lawrence will play Katniss in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games, with Collins saying, "[Lawrence is] so powerful, vulnerable, beautiful, unforgiving and brave. I never thought we'd find somebody this perfect for the role."[1]



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