Template:QuoteTemplate:Character Gloss was the male District 1 tribute for the 75th Hunger Games. He was a former victor, having already won a previous Hunger Games.


The Third Quarter QuellEdit

Gloss won an unspecified Hunger Games, and was chosen from the pool of former victors for the 75th Hunger Games in Catching Fire. He represented District 1, along with his sister, Cashmere. He was present during training, and in the interviews, Gloss thanks the people of Panem for showing kindness to him and his sister. He reluctantly joined hands with the other Tributes as a sign of strength. In the arena, it is noted by Katniss Everdeen that he isn't quite swift; being shot on the calf as he plunges into the waves trying to escape Katniss' arrows. Soon, after Finnick Odair, Peeta Mellark, Mags, and Katniss make their way out of the Cornucopia, Gloss and the other careers make their way back. He proved to be quite a challenge along with Cashmere, Brutus, and Enobaria; being able to kill off a few Tributes such as Seeder, Cecelia, and one of the Morphlings from District 6. Johanna Mason, Blight, Beetee, Wiress, the Female Morphling, the District 5 Female and the District 10 Male manage to escape with their lives. After the bloodbath, the Career Pack retreats to the jungle. For this year's Career Pack, District 4 wasn't included.


The Career Pack later make their way to the Cornucopia on Day 2, where Gloss slits Wiress' throat while she is alone at the waterside, earning him an arrow through his temple. This results in a swift death, and in a similar way Marvel dies by Katniss's hand. His sister is murdered by Johanna shortly after she impales Cashmere in the chest with an axe.


Since Gloss is a Career tribute, he most likely killed many tributes in his original games and a few during the Third Quarter Quell. Gloss killed Wiress in the 75th Hunger Games by slitting her throat open in a "bright red smile".

Family & MentorshipEdit

Cashmere is the only person mentioned in Gloss's family as his sister, both sharing a close relationship. Gloss and Cashmere won back-to-back games, meaning that they are highly honored by District 1, as Career Districts honor their Victors.

It is also presumed that Gloss along with his sister, Cashmere, mentored Glimmer and Marvel. They were the two Career Tributes that entered the 74th Hunger Games.


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