Template:Character Foxface is the nickname that Katniss gave the female tribute from District 5 in The Hunger Games.


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A mysterious character, the District 5 female tribute is known as Finch Crosslyback in district 5. Katniss nicknamed her foxface fot her sly, fox like appearence. Foxface is chosen to be the female tribute of District 5 for the 74th annual Hunger Games.

The 74th Hunger GamesEdit

Foxface never speaks throughout the book; the only time was when Katniss heard her laugh after the Careers'
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food supply was destroyed and she participated in the interviews, where Katniss said she was "sly and elusive," but it is obvious that her goal is to survive. Quick and clever, she dashes in and out of traps to collect what she needs without bloodshed or contact with anyone. She outwitted everyone, even the Career alliance, but in the end Peeta Mellark accidentally defeated her by leaving nightlock he intended to eat at his and Katniss's last camp. Katniss believes that if the tributes were to be given a written test, Foxface would be the smartest. She also believed that if she allied herself with Foxface, she would earn a knife in her back.

It is plausible that she didn't participate in the Cornucopia bloodbath, as she had no weapons or supplies at the Games until she was able to find a knife in the ruins of the mine explosions.

Later on during the Games, she is seen by Katniss Everdeen at the Cornucopia near the Careers' camp. Foxface makes a variety of movements, which Katniss describes as a dance sequence, which brings Katniss to discover that the area was booby-trapped with mines. Foxface makes her way into the Cornucopia and reaches the bulk of supplies, takes an unnoticeable amount of food, and then runs back to the safety of the woods.

Katniss, seeing that Foxface was able to get past the traps, figures out that there are mines there. She notices a hanging bag of apples, and fires a couple of arrows at it; the bag of apples rips apart, and when the apples fall they set off the mines. This results in the destruction of the Careers' supplies, and the District 3 male's death by Cato's hands. In the ruins of the explosion, Katniss sees Foxface laughing as she was able to find a knife blade and a metal pot. At first, she doesn't understand why, but later comes to the conclusion that with the Careers stores eliminated, Foxface as well as she might actually stand a chance in these Games.

The feastEdit

After several days in the arena, all the remaining tributes needed something desperately. Due to this, it is announced by Claudius Templesmith that there will be a feast. Foxface, as well as the other tributes, ready themselves for the upcoming event.

As Foxface arrives at the feast, she doesn't waste her time with battle. She had been hiding in the Cornucopia, and upon seeing her bag, she sprints out, takes her bag, and quickly evacuates the area. She is not attacked, as the other tributes feared of having their backpack taken away. Katniss is both impressed and angry, that she had not come up with a plan so risky and devious. Foxface's green pack most likely contained food.

Death & MuttationEdit

Foxface places fourth in the Games, a very high score for District 5. She is killed after stealing and eating the poisonous Nightlock berries that Peeta Mellark had collected. Katniss believes that if Peeta had known about the poison and were attempting to trick Foxface, she would have known not to eat them and could have won. Her body was then taken away by a hovercraft, and she had her DNA used for muttation purposes.

Foxface is one of the tributes who have their DNA used for wolfish-muttations. Katniss noticed many mutts, as they had similar characteristics to their fallen tributes. In this case, Foxface was a small wolfish-muttation. She had large razor-sharp claws, fire-red fur and amber eyes.

After Cato had fallen off the Cornucopia, Foxface and the other tribute mutts began to feed off him, leaving him as a bloody, raw hunk of meat. Katniss manages to send an arrow into his skull; and as a result, Foxface, along with the other tribute mutts were put away by the Gamemakers.


Foxface avoided confronting the other tributes and kept a reasonable distance between her and anyone else. She intelligently observed other tributes from afar, which allowed her to understand their plans. She took an unnoticeable amount of food from others without their knowledge and was careful when she was in the Career's camp, for she knew that it contained mines. She was clever enough to trace a path through the mines where she could step without being blown to pieces.

Physical descriptionEdit

Foxface is the perfect nickname for this sly and sneaky tribute. She has fire-red hair, amber eyes and sharp, fox-like features. Foxface also is smaller than most of the tributes. All tributes are twelve to eighteen years old, but her exact age is never said.


Foxface proved to be one of the smartest and most clever tributes in the games. She demonstrates this several times throughout the book by doing various things, such as stealing supplies from other tributes, which benefits her and damages the victims. She was independent, always working alone and was sly and probably untrustworthy. Katniss believed that getting Foxface into an alliance would endanger her rather than keep her safe, also stating that Foxface's sly grin would earn Katniss a knife in the back, though Foxface was an ally put into consideration by the District 12 tribute, but only for a little while.

Another one of her clever ideas was demonstrated at the Feast. Foxface hid in the Cornucopia, waiting for the others to come. She didn't waste time with a battle — she ran up, snatched her bag, and quickly evacuated the area. No one would follow her in fear of not getting their own bags. Katniss sees Foxface a few times stealing from the Career Tributes, but being clever enough only to take small amounts that won't be missed (as well as made her way through the mines which were activated by the bag of apples Katniss disposed), as to not arouse any suspicion.

Film portrayalEdit

She will be portrayed by Jacqueline Emerson in the upcoming The Hunger Games film.


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