Template:Character Template:Quote Finnick Odair was a male victor from District 4. He was known for being the victor of the 65th Hunger Games and a survivor of the 3rd Quarter Quell, also known as the 75th Hunger Games. He died after the lizard-human mutts attacked him.


Finnick won the 65th Hunger Games at the age of 14, where he was mentored by previous District 4 victor, Mags. During the 65th Hunger Games he was sent a trident, which might have been the most expensive gift ever given in a Games. The trident was a weapon which he wielded with proficiency and with the help of a net hpponents in his net and then slay them with his trident. During the 74th Hunger Games he served as the mentor alongside Mags for District 4, as revealed in Mockingjay when he becomes the expert on Peeta's memories of his two times in the arena. He participated in the 3rd Quarter Quell a year later, and became part of an alliance with Peeta Mellark, Katniss Everdeen, Wiress, Beetee, Johanna Mason and previous mentor Mags. Katniss attributes Finnick's success to a combination of his extraordinary physical skill and his unprecedented popularity among the Capitol. Although he is a good fighter with the spears and knives gathered in the Cornucopia, he receives many gifts, including a trident (which Katniss says that might have been the most expensive gift she had ever seen given in the Games), which ensured that he made it out alive. After his victory, he was forced into prostitution by President Snow.

The 65th Hunger GamesEdit

The 65th Hunger Games were the original Games that Finnick competed in and won when he was fourteen years old. Being from District 4, he was a career tribute, which gave him an advantage over the majority of the other competitors. However, Finnick had a lot of sponsors, mainly because of how attractive he was, and was given a very expensive trident.

He did well with the spears and knives he found in the Cornucopia, but the outcome of the Games was pretty much decided when Finnick received a trident in the arena. Being from the fishing district, Finnick was an expert with a trident and net-making. He used vines to craft nets, and when his opponents got caught up in them he would spear them. It didn't take much longer after that for Finnick to become victor of the 65th Hunger Games.

For the next nine years, he mentored District 4 tributes, including his true love Annie Cresta, in the Hunger Games until he was reaped into the Third Quarter Quell.

Catching FireEdit

Finnick, along with Mags (who volunteered for Annie) are the chosen tributes for District 4 in the Third Quarter Quell. He meets Katniss Everdeen at the Remake Center before the opening ceremonies and flirts with her, informing her that his lovers in the Capitol pay him not with money, but with secrets. For the opening ceremonies he wears a golden net, which, other than the knots near his crotch, leaves him practically naked.

During training, Finnick notices Katniss over at the knot-tying station and goes over to finish the complicated knot she's been working on. After he fashions a noose to pretend to hang himself, Katniss gets fed up and leaves. Being from District 4 - the fishing district - Finnick is particularly capable with knots, and even the most complicated ones don't seem to faze him at all. Later that day Finnick finds Katniss again and introduces her to Mags, whom Katniss ends up liking a lot.

Like the other tributes, Finnick sees Katniss shooting down all the fake birds on the first day, and seems to be impressed. During the remainder of the public training days he gives Katniss an hour of trident lessons in return for one hour of archery lessons. During his interview with Caesar Flickerman, he recites a poem to his one true love (Annie Cresta), making at least one hundred citizens in the audience faint because they believe it is about them. He, along with every other victor, holds hands together at the end of the interviews as a sign of rebellion.

At the beginning of the Third Quarter Quell, Finnick is the second to arrive at the Cornucopia after Katniss, gaining a trident and a net. He startles Katniss with his proposal for an alliance, and although she is initially unsure, she accepts his offer after she notices his golden bracelet -- which Haymitch Abernathy had worn earlier -- knowing that it's Haymitch's way of telling her to form an alliance with Finnick. Still not fully trusting him, Katniss remains extremely wary of his every move. Katniss is suspicious of what motivates him to retrieve Peeta from his platform and offers to do it herself, but Finnick alludes to her false pregnancy and carries Peeta, who cannot swim, to shore. From that point on, Finnick, Mags, Katniss, and Peeta form an alliance.

The four of them run for quite some time and begin to get thirsty, but cannot find water. Katniss climbs a tree to see if she can find a lake, and Finnick holds his trident in defense since he worries Katniss might kill him. He asks about the Cornucopia, and Katniss explains that six have died and the battle is still ongoing. They begin to walk again, and after Peeta accidentally walks into the force field and is flung backward by it, Finnick and Mags are knocked down. Finnick rushes over to Peeta's side and performs CPR, but in Katniss' panicked state, she fears Finnick is going to kill Peeta. She tries to push him away, but Finnick holds her back and Katniss realises what he is doing.

Finnick help Mags and Peeta walk while on their way exploring the arena. The group's thirst becomes worse and they have still found no sign of water. Finnick and Mags begin to weave a kind of net of long, sharp grass, while Katniss continues to hunt for food and water. When she returns with what the group brands a "tree rat", they build a hut and baskets. Finnick ponders how the tree rat had access to water.

Finnick and Mags are deeply hurt by the announcement of first day deaths, but are distracted when a sponsor sends a gift. Finnick tells Peeta to claim it since he actually died (briefly), and all are uncertain as to the gift's purpose. Katniss solves it, and they are relieved when the item proves to be a device that pulls water from trees (a spile). Finnick volunteers to be first on watch during the night. He is alarmed by Katniss after they hear twelve bells ring and the beginning of a thunderstorm. He falls into a restless sleep, and Katniss takes the next watch.

That night, a poisonous fog emits and wakes the four. Finnick carries Mags, but the fog renders Peeta unable to run and Katniss struggles to help him. Finnick can't carry both Mags and Peeta; Mags sacrifices herself, bolting into the fog and dying in order to allow Finnick to carry Peeta, so that he will survive.

Finnick is not only emotionally unnerved by Mags' death, but his physical nerves are damaged by the toxic fog. Katniss and Peeta help him recover by dunking him in the beach water to cleanse him. When the monkey mutts attack them, Finnick doesn't hesitate and engages them with his trident. He is surprised when the female Morphling saves Peeta just in time.

It's up to Finnick to comfort both Peeta and Katniss, now; he stands guard for the rest of the night and collects fresh water and shellfish. Peeta remains asleep, and Finnick and Katniss crack jokes about their own worn looks thanks to the degredation of the Games. When Katniss is ready to wake Peeta, Finnick suggests that she startle him awake. When she does so, Finnick and Katniss fall back on the sand laughing at Peeta's reaction.

Soon after, sponsors give the alliance a loaf of bread from District 4. Finnick is surprised when Johanna and the tributes of District 3, Beetee and Wiress, arrive. The newcomers join the alliance with Finnick, Katniss and Peeta. Finnick makes conversation with Johanna and carries her in to the water to stop her from insulting Katniss. Later, the alliance goes to the Cornucopia to make sure that Wiress' theory that the Arena is a Clock is legitimate. When they get there, it is time for the deadly fog (2:00). The group is ambushed by the Careers; Beetee is stabbed in the thigh by Enobaria's spear, but he is able to take a knife from her supplies. Finnick battles Brutus and injures him before he retreats with Enobaria. He dives into the water after Beetee falls in, thanks to the Cornucopia's moving during the time change.

When Katniss and Finnick go hunting for water, a jabberjay attack commences, with the birds' voices emulating the loved ones of the tributes screaming in pain. When Finnick hears the jabberjays targeting him, he calls out for Annie Cresta, a "mad" victor from District 4 who went insane after witnessing her district partner being decapitated during her Games. Finnick loses his wits, believing that his love is being killed. Katniss kills the Jabberjay, but this doesn't calm Finnick, because he knows that the Capitol had to get Annie to scream for the bird to mimic it. After he and Katniss escape the attack, Peeta reassures the two of them that the Games are almost to the final eight -- and not only must the Capitol must have family and friends to interview, but he assures them that these sounds can be faked. Finnick attempts to relax in the water. The alliance views the faces of the tributes that died the second day and questions who is left, besides them and District 2. District 3 sends in twenty four loaves of bread and they each eat three. Finnick has another night of restless sleep and occasionally murmurs Annie's name.

Finnick assists Beetee with his plan, along with Peeta, while Katniss and Johanna set up the electric coil trap. After the line is cut and Johanna removes Katniss' tracker -- in what seems like a vicious attack at the time -- Finnick chases Enobaria to get her away from Katniss. Later, Finnick is seen with Enobaria (most likely becuase he told her of the rebellion plan) and when Katniss destroys the arena he becomes paralyzed.

After the arena is destroyed, Finnick, Beetee, and Katniss are rescued by a hovercraft from Plutarch Heavensbee who tells Katniss in the hovercraft that he was unable to go back for Peeta and Johanna, though he wanted to. It is revealed during this time that Finnick and Beetee were part of a plan to overthrow the Capitol all along. After Katniss awakens she goes into the room where Finnick, Haymitch and Plutarch are talking. There, she learns about the rebels, District 13, and the plan to overthrow the Capitol. Finnick stops Katniss from clawing at Haymitch's face with her nails. When Katniss is restrained again, Finnick tells her that he wishes Johanna, Peeta, Enobaria and all the others would just die so that they didn't have to suffer anymore. Finnick leaves Katniss alone, returning to Plutarch and Haymitch.


In Mockingjay, at the beginning of the book Finnick was deeply distressed and unable to focus on anything but to save Annie Cresta, who had been kidnapped and was being tortured in the Capitol. One of the only ways he kept himself sane was by making knots on a rope, over and over again. When Katniss first saw Finnick she noticed he was distracted and in grief. She calls for him but he does not respond, Katniss shakes him and when he noticed Katniss was calling him, he stoped tying knots and grips her hand in relief to see a familar face. Finnick asks why they are meeting here and she informs him about her role as the mockingjay and her conditions. Finnick is happy when he hears her condition for immunity of victors being held because of his love, Annie.

Finnick visits Katniss in the hospital and has dinner with her. He comforts her since she is stressed, the two then watch the propoganda again. Katniss asks him to shut it off but stops him because Caesar comes on and interviews Peeta. After the interview, Finnick tries to calm Katniss down and pretends not to have seen the interview because Plutarch walks in and makes sure she is well. The next day, Finnick and Katniss go to the woods in District 13 to hunt since Gale is busy helping Beetee make weapons. Katniss talks about the interview with him and is glad he is there to listen to her. Finnick comforts her and helps her through the pain she is feeling. Later after Peeta's third interview, the entire district evacuates to safe bunkers before the bombing on District 13 began by the Capitol. During the bombing, Finnick gives Katniss a rope to tie when she needs to to be distracted from her feelings. After the bombing during the night, Katniss goes to Finnick to share her thoughts on President Snow's plan. Finnick tells her he is doing the same with him but with Annie. Finnick shares with her the first time he knew Katniss did indeed love Peeta, during the 75th Hunger Games when he ran into the force field and almost died. Finnick admits he misjudged Katniss. While shooting a propo Katniss can't take it anymore and breaks down along with Finnick.

Eventually, a rescue team saves Annie Cresta and the others. To distract the Capitol from the rescue mission, Finnick and Katniss do an interview where he states President Snow has remained President of Panem for so long because he poisons all those who could become threats. He also states that Snow uses victors, like when he made Finnick sell his body to wealthy Capitol citizens for high prices. Finnick waits with Katniss until Haymitch informs them the rescue party has arrived. Finnick and Annie embrace each other and he personally takes her to receive medical attention for the wounds she received from being tortured by the Capitol. Finnick and Annie marry shortly after the rescue. Annie conceives a son (but Finnick isn't able to meet him).

Finnick along with Annie meet with Katniss, Gale, Beetee, Delly, Johanna and later with Peeta. Katniss notes he hasn't let go of Annie's hand since the two were married. Finnick is assigned to be on the sharpshooters squad with Katniss, Gale and later Peeta. He suggests that Peeta plays a game Annie uses when her thoughts get mixed up, called "Real or not real". Finnick helps the group retreat in an apartment for cover. He tells them to leave Boggs' corpse since it would only get in the way. Finnick helps calm Peeta down and votes not to kill Peeta. The squad moves on underground and later are attacked by lizard mutts that hiss Katniss' name.


While on the mission to President Snow's mansion, the group was attacked by Lizard-Human Mutants and while fighting off the mutts, Finnick was decapitated before Katniss could rescue him. She said "nightlock" three times into the Holo, which triggers it to blow up, and dropped it into the tunnel that they were crawling out of. As Finnick died, Katniss got impressions of his life, including a silver parachute, the trident from Beetee, Mags' laugh, his life on the seas of District 4, the pink sky from the 75th Hunger Games(Quarter Quell) arena, and Annie in her wedding dress.


Since Finnick was a Career Tribute, it is likely he killed a fair amount of tributes during his first Games. During the 75th Hunger Games, he killed the District 5 male by throwing his trident at him during the initial bloodbath.


Forced by President Snow and in order to stay popular in the Capitol, Finnick put on a flirtatious personality, fooling many of the Capitol's people into believing that they held his affections. His conquests were legendary throughout Panem and he was famed for being able to go through four or five people in each annual visit during the Hunger Games. However, in Catching Fire it was revealed that his one and only true love was Annie Cresta, the 70th Hunger Games victor who went insane when she witnessed her partner tribute beheaded in the arena. During his last interview with Caeser Flickerman, he recited a poem addressed to his one true love in the Capitol; while many members of the audience believed they were the subject, it is implied that the poem was actually written about Annie. In Mockingjay, it was revealed that President Snow "rented" his body out to wealthy Capitol citizens and if Finnick refused, President Snow would kill somebody he loved. Finnick also cared a lot for his mentor, Mags, who had volunteered to participate in the Games, instead of Annie. Finnick was close friends with Johanna Mason and fairly good allies with Katniss, Peeta, Wiress, and Beetee. He became a closer friend to Katniss in Mockingjay. He married Annie Cresta and the pair had one son together who was born after Finnick's death.

Katniss EverdeenEdit

Katniss first met Finnick at the opening cerimonies for the Quarter Quell while waiting for the chariots to leave Finnick approaches Katniss and offers her sugar. Katniss remains calm and composed although she feels a little uncomfortable by how close he gets to her and even more so when Finnick implies people pay him with secrets and asks Katniss if she has any secrets worth his time however Katniss doesnt break his gaze and simply says she is an open book. During the 3 days training Finnick continues to be friendly to Katniss when talking to her and even offers to give her an hour of trident lessons in exchange for Katniss giving him an hour of archery instruction.

At the beginning of the 3rd Quarter Quell, Finnick Odair startled Katniss with his proposal for an alliance. She was unsure of how to react, but accepted his offer after she noticed his golden bracelet that she knew came from Haymitch. Still not fully trusting him, Katniss remained extremely wary of his every move. However, he proved his usefulness and reliability by reviving Peeta when he accidentally ran into a force field, and saved Peeta in the midst of a fight even though it meant he got wounded himself.

At the beginning of Mockingjay, Finnick was deeply distressed and unable to focus on anything but saving Annie Cresta, who had been kidnapped and was being tortured in the Capitol. One of the ways he kept himself sane was by making knots with a rope, over and over again. He later gave that same rope to Katniss to aid her during the bombing of District 13. Soon, after talking to Katniss before Boggs came, Katniss mentions the trident Beetee made for him and to put on pants, in wear he jokingly whips his hospital gown off revealing only his underwear and jokes to Katniss if she found it disturbing, to which she smiles to, hinting that she was glad that Finnick could at least joke around.

While on the mission to President Snow's mansion, the group was attacked by lizard muttations and Finnick was decapitated before Katniss could rescue him. As Finnick died, Katniss got impressions of his life, including a silver parachute bearing the trident that won him his Games, Mags' laugh, his life on the seas of District 4, and Annie's face.

Peeta MellarkEdit

In Catching Fire, Finnick and Peeta ally, along with Mags, Katniss, and later, Beetee and Wiress. Finnick saves Peeta's life after Peeta runs into a forcefield—initially, Katniss believes Finnick is actually kissing Peeta, while he is really performing CPR. After Peeta is rescued from the Capitol by District 13 and is programed to hate Katniss, Finnick is able to help him separate his real memories from his fake ones.

During the events of Mockingjay, Finnick shows concern for Katniss and Peeta, and goes out of his way to save Peeta's life again.

Johanna MasonEdit

Johanna and Finnick were friends prior to the 75th Hunger Games, most likely having formed a bond during previous Hunger Games where they were mentors. They were allied during the 75th Games, along with Wiress, Beetee, Katniss, Peeta, and Mags. Katniss believed that Johanna was only in the alliance for Finnick, when in reality, she was protecting the Mockingjay so as not to end the rebellion early. The two seemed to trust each other well.

Annie CrestaEdit

The two have a deep love for each other. Finnick mentored Annie and most likely did everything to keep her alive. During the interview with Caesar Flickerman, Finnick recited a poem for his one true love, Annie. During the Third Quarter Quell, he heard Annie's screams during the jabberjay attack, and worried that they had tortured her. In Mockingjay, Finnick constantly worried about Annie and could not concentrate on anything else but her. He was out of his mind because Annie had been captured by the Capitol so they could torture her for information about the rebels. Finnick repeatedly tied knots as a way to distract himself. He broke down when he couldn't handle it anymore, soon after the rebels rescued the prisoners from the Capitol. Finnick and Annie reunited and later the two got married and had a son, but Finnick died before he could meet him. After they got married Finnick always held her hand because he didn't want to lose her again.

Personality Edit

Katniss at first views Finnick as extremely flirtatious and using a "seductive purr" when he spoke. She is unable to read his motives when they are in the arena together, but believes that she would be better off killing him sooner rather than later, until he revives Peeta.

When they take refuge in District 13, Katniss begins to understand Finnick's pain more. His grief over Annie's torture mirrors hers about Peeta, and she feels bad for him as he grows more and more unstable. After he reunites with Annie and subsequently marries her, Katniss feels extremely happy for him. Upon seeing his true personality, she notes that he "radiates life" and has "self-effacing humor and an easy going nature." It is also noted that he never lets go of Annie's hand because he is afraid of losing her yet again.

Physical appearanceEdit

Physically, he is described as being extremely handsome. He is tall, muscular, and athletic, with golden skin, bronze-colored hair, and "incredible" sea green eyes.

Katniss says that Finnick never needed to do anything for sponsors, and that no other tribute could overcome his "natural beauty".


  • Finnick's style of fighting he used to win his Hunger Games is based on a type of Roman Gladiator, the Retiarius, who used nets to entangle opponents and a trident to finish them. Retiarii had often had reputations as skilled combatants and lovers.
  • Finnick Odair's weapon of choice is a trident and occasionally nets and spears.
  • Finnick was the only known person to have recieved a trident as a sponsor gift in a Games, which is also thought to be the most expensive gift ever in the arena.
  • Interestingly, both Finnick and his wife's fellow tribute in her Games were both decapitated.


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