The District 6 female from the 75th Hunger Games also won an unspecified Hunger Games. She eventually became a painter and a morphling. She died saving Peeta from a muttation, and she drew a flower on his face in her final moments. She was considered an ally by Katniss.


The District 6 female tribute participated in an unknown Hunger Games and won. After her Games she turned to a drug called morphling to be relieved of painful memories. She is called a "Morphling" because she uses the drug too much and became addicted to it. She is later reaped in the Third Quarter Quell.

Catching FireEdit

During the training sessions, District 6 is seen at the painting table practicing camouflage. The two tributes paint each other and are shown to not be mentally stable. During her private session with the Gamemakers, the female tribute shows them her camouflage skills.

At the Cornucopia, it is most likely she did not participate in the bloodbath and just ran away from the terror. She managed to survive while her male partner died.


During the orange monkey attack, Peeta was distracted by Katniss and a monkey was about to kill him when the Morphling jumped in the way to protect Peeta. Her blood dripped on his face and the monkey threw her body aside. After Peeta fought off the monkey he took her body to the beach and held her. The Morphling took some of her blood and drew a picture of a flower on Peeta's cheek, which he commented on, saying it was lovely. The Morphling smiled and soon after bled to death. Peeta took her corpse to the water and let it drift off until a hovercraft came to take it away.

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