Template:Character A male tribute from District 3 who participated in the 74th Hunger Games. As he was from District 3, he was skilled in technology.

74th Hunger GamesEdit

The male tribute from District 3 placed 9th out of 24 tributes.


His district partner, the District 3 female, died at the Cornucopia. He managed to escape the bloodbath alive.


It is assumed he joined the Careers when Katniss dropped the nest of tracker jackers on them. It is assumed he was also attacked by the swarm and escaped with the Careers, who offered to be his allies if he kept the supplies at the Cornucopia safe. By Day 8, he had booby-trapped the area around the Cornucopia with land mines he had dug up and then re-armed. Foxface was able to avoid the mines and secretly take supplies from Cornucopia. Katniss Everdeen discovered his minefield after observing Foxface.

On Day 8, while the male from District 3, Marvel, Clove, and Cato went hunting for Rue, Katniss blew up their supplies by shooting an arrow at a bag of apples, causing the apples to fall and set off the mines. When the Careers discovered this, Cato snaps District's 3 male tribute's neck in a fit of rage.


After his death, the male tribute from District 3, like the 21 other fallen tributes, had his DNA mixed with that of a wolf, to form a muttation which had similar characteristics as the deceased tribute. It is unknown whether his mutt survived the fight or not.

Film portrayalEdit

He will be portrayed by Ian Nelson in The Hunger Games film

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