Template:Character Not much is known about the male from District 10 during the 75th Games. He was reaped for the Games along with his female counterpart. He was also the victor of a previous Hunger Games. During the opening ceremony, he was dressed up as a cow with a flaming belt. Katniss assumed that this was an attempt to steal Cinna and Portia's idea of 'makeing the tributes shine' gone wrong. It was supposed to represent the cows broiling themselves

He was not at training. This leads to the assumption that he disagreed with the quell. He joined hands with the other victors to signify their strength.

In the arena, he got to the cornucopia after Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, and Mags left. He managed to escape with his life. However, he was killed the second day by either the beast or the massive wave.

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