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Darius is one of the youngest Peacekeepers in District 12. Katniss often talked with him at the Hob. On one occasion, Darius flirted with Katniss telling her that she ought to buy one of his kisses. It was at this point that Gale realized he had developed feelings for his hunting partner because it bothered him that Darius was flirting with her.

In Catching Fire, when Gale was whipped by Romulus Thread, Darius tried to intervene and was knocked unconscious. He was then made into an Avox who served the District 12 tributes at the 3rd Quarter Quell, along with Lavinia, whom Katniss had previously encountered.

Darius is tortured in Mockingjay alongside Lavinia for interrogation about the rebels but because he is an Avox he is unable to answer their questions. All he could do was make some sort of animal sounds. Peeta believes that his captors didn't want answers, they just wanted him to see Darius tortured. It took days to kill Darius as they beat him and continued to cut off body parts.

Peeta reveals that their cells were next to each other when they were held in the Capitol.

Physical description Edit

Darius is described as having "messy, boyish, red hair" that makes him stand out from most of the people living in District 12. He loses his tongue when it is cut off in the process of becoming an Avox.

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