Template:Character Cressida was a resident Director from the Capitol who joined the rebellion, bringing her camera crew Castor and Pollux as well as her assistant Messalla, who had also joined the rebellion, to District 13 when they fled the Capitol. Cressida was told by Plutarch to follow Katniss throughout her journeys in the rebellion so they could make numerous propos across Panem to encourage strength in the rebels.


Cressida was first by Katniss' side when she ventured to District 8 and she lead her camera crew through the chaos of an unexpected bombing of the Capitol. They followed Katniss to the roof of a building where she, Gale and Paylor helped shoot down the Capitol's bombing hover crafts. She also made sure to get Katniss' threat to the Capitol as well as footage of the Hospital the Capitol had just destroyed filled with unarmed, wounded District 8 residents.

Cressida continued to get footage of Kantiss here and there, but her next biggest propo was after the Capitol lead an assault against District 13. Though the only footage she got of Katniss was her yelling to the Capitol, to show she was still alive and that District 13 was still a stonghold that had yet to be breached. They also got footage of all the red and pink roses that President Snow had made sure to drop for Katniss. The rest of the propo was of Finnick explaining how the President got into power by poisoning threatening competition, even going as far as to take some himself to avoid suspicion, which is what caused the sores in his mouth which always loose blood. Finnick also explained how he and all the other Victors, before Katniss and Peeta, were exploited, threatened and bought by the Capitol to make sure they were kept in place. Finnick let out his payment of secrets in this propo about every one and spread the word all across Panem.

Cressida also created a propo at the request of Fulvia Cardew which contained a video memorial to all the fallen tributes that could be remembered and recognized by the surviving victors.

Cressida and her crew also accompanied Squad 451 into the Capitol. She got footage of their training for battle as well as the Death of Leeg 2 for her next propo. The propo was officially stopped by Cressida as their mission got much more serious with Boggs losing his legs to a pod and Peeta throwing Mitchell into a pod in an act of rage, this pod was a barbed wire net. While trapped in the net he was killed as a wave of a black tar-like substance engulfed him. Before Boggs died he gave the Holo to Katniss and Cressida supported a lie that Coin had wanted Katniss to specifically kill Snow when Jackson started to question Boggs intentions.

Katniss lead the Squad through the streets of the Capitol and then into the house of a resident when they came to the area where the pods stopped being activated after the explosion Boggs triggered. There they find that on TV, Snow believes them all to be dead as he sent Peacekeepers to shoot through the house they originally took refuge in, where they left Boggs' body, and he had them set it on fire once all was cleared, he planed on having their bodies fished out by morning. This gave Katniss some time to lead Cressida, Pullox, Castor, Messalla, Peeta, Finnick, Gale, Homes. Jackson and Leeg 1 down to the bowels of the Capitol.

They made it through quite a bit of the Capitol this way until Snow discovered that they had not been killed in his attack and he sent some rose scented, lizard-like mutt after the group. When running Cressida's assistant, Messalla, activated a pod that melted his skin like candle wax. They carried on until they came to a pod called the Meat Grinder, Leeg 1 and Jackson as they stayed behind to stop any Mutts from coming through the Meat Grinder, and they were unsuccessful and lost their lives. Cressida, Pollux, Gale, Katniss and Peeta managed to make it above ground when Finnick, Castor and Homes lost their lives holding back the Mutts.

Cressida then lead the remaining 5 members of Squad 451 to an old friend of hers and ex-stylist of the Hunger Games, Tigris, who was also a part of the Rebellion. Tigris housed them for a while until the Rebels started moving into the Capitol and caused many residents to go homeless, the refugees were forced into Tigris' shop after Squad 451 escaped. Cressida and Pollux split from Katniss and Gale and would meet up with them at the President's mansion while Peeta caused a distraction. Though when the Capitol activated pods and the Rebels killed residents along the streets somewhere along the lines, Cressida and Pollux were thought to be killed in the turmoil. However, they survive, as it is shown that, in the end, they go around districts to film the war damage.


Cressida is described as a young woman whose head is shaved bald and tattooed with green vines.

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