Cray was the Head Peacekeeper of District 12 before he was replaced by Romulus Thread. He is described to be an older Peacekeeper, much unlike other Peacekeepers Darius or Purnia, with a few strands of silvery hair combed sideways over his unusual red face.

Katniss sees him in the Hob after she buys white liquor for Haymitch. Cray, a heavy drinker, warns her of how strong the alcohol is, saying that it could probably kill her. Only seconds later did Cray buy a bottle of the same alcohol. He was Gale's best customer when it came to poached wild turkeys, but the last time Gale goes to sell to Cray, Gale is faced with new Head Peacekeeper Thread, who sentences him to whipping for poaching. Katniss later states that Cray was disliked in District 12 because of his soliciting prostitution from impoverished, starving women of the Seam. However, she also concedes that he was kinder than Thread. Cray's official fate is unknown, but it is highly speculated that, because President Snow knew about Katniss' hunting habits and the lack of discipline in District 12, he ordered Cray's execution and replacement with a more efficient Peacekeeper.

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