Template:Quote Template:Character Clove was the female tribute from District 2 in the 74th Hunger Games.

The Hunger GamesEdit


Clove was the female tribute from District 2, and an expert at knife throwing. Clove made the first kill in the Games during the Bloodbath, when she threw a knife into the male from District 9's back. She targeted Katniss next and threw a knife at her head, but Katniss shielded herself with her pack and fled. Instead of pursuing Katniss, Clove continued participating in the massacre at the Cornucopia.

As in most Games, the Career Tributes teamed up together at the beginning with the addition of Peeta Mellark, the male tribute from District 12 and the male tribute from District 3 (the Career Tributes usually consisted of the tributes from Districts 1, 2, and 4, occasionally with others). The Careers picked the Cornucopia clean of weapons and supplies and set out in the early morning to catch any victims off-guard. They came across the female from District 8 after seeing her fire, and they wounded her severely. When Peeta left the group to finish her off, Clove and the other Careers made the decision to keep Peeta alive in the hopes that he would eventually lead them to Katniss.

When the Careers next found Katniss, they chased her and she climbed up a tree to safety. The Careers were unable to climb the tree, and instead set up camp below. That night, Rue appeared in a tree near Katniss by way of climbing through the trees. Rue motioned to Katniss about the tracker jacker nest above her, after which Katniss got the idea to drop the nest on the Careers. She sawed through the branch holding the nest while the anthem played, to make sure the tracker jackers wouldn't notice a disturbance and come after her, and the Careers wouldn't hear. The nest dropped down from the tree and Clove was stung multiple times. Unlike the female from District 4 and Glimmer, she had the sense to go to the lake by the Cornucopia and regroup with Cato and Marvel.


Next Clove, Cato, Marvel, and the male from District 3 started hunting down Rue while Katniss successfully destroyed most of the remaining Careers' supplies, after which Cato killed the District 3 male out of anger. Clove and Marvel calmed Cato down long enough to explain to him that the tribute who destroyed their supplies must have died, so they waited for nightfall. Only then did they realize that the "bomber" was still alive, so Clove, Marvel and Cato went hunting for Katniss.

At the Feast, Clove attacked Katniss, opening a deep gash in her forehead and tackling her to the ground. She taunted her about Rue's death, and said she was going to make Katniss' death slow and torturous, beginning to cut open Katniss' lip. However, before she could do much more, she was attacked by Thresh, who had overheard what Clove had said, and gave her a fatal wound to her head by denting her skull with a large rock.

The FeastEdit

The Feast was Clove's biggest scene. Clove and Cato formed a plan, which involved Clove going in for their district backpack with Cato covering her by scouting the area for hiding tributes. When Katniss came to get the medicine for Peeta, Clove threw a knife at Katniss, which catches her above the eye, and tackles her to the ground, pinning her down. Clove asks her what is in her bag and expresses her hate towards Katniss. She taunts Katniss about Rue's death, and says she is going to give Katniss a slow, painful death, saying "I promised Cato if he let me have you, I'd give the audience a good show" and reached into her jacket to selects a knife to cut up Katniss's face, starting with her lips as she would no longer need them to kiss "Lover Boy". Katniss spits blood into Clove's face, making her flush with rage.



Just as Clove was about to begin to torture Katniss, Thresh appeared and pushed Clove away from Katniss and picked her up, holding her a foot above the ground and yelling at her for killing Rue. Terrified, Clove truthfully tells Thresh it wasn't her who killed Rue and screams for Cato, but Thresh doesn't believe her and smashes her skull in with a large rock, causing internal bleeding, which she died from a few minutes afterwards. Thresh asks Katniss about Rue, and spares her life when she told him that they had been allies and she had honored her death and avenged her (by killing Marvel). Cato, her District partner, rushed to save her, but arrived too late.

Despite his callous exterior, Cato seemed hurt after losing Clove, and avenged her death by killling Thresh. Clove placed 6th out of the 24 tributes.

It was hard for Katniss to go to the district where Clove and Cato lived; she couldn't face their families because she killed their children.


When the wolf muttations of the fallen tributes appeared chasing Cato, Clove's was one of the pack, with dark fur and green eyes (said in Catching Fire). It is unknown if the muttation of Clove survived the battle between the pack and Cato, Peeta and Katniss.


Clove was able to kill a tribute in the 74th Hunger Games. After Clove gained a pack of knives, she threw one in the back of the male tribute of District 9, while he was fighting over a pack with Katniss. She targeted Katniss next, aiming a knife at her head, but Katniss blocked it with her pack and escaped. Instead of chasing Katniss, Clove stayed to kill more tributes in the Cornucopia.

Clove and the other Careers, Cato, Marvel, and possibly the District 3 Male also most likely killed the boy from District 10, but there is no information to who did this. In the 74th Hunger Games, Clove was the only person who got close to killing Katniss.

Catching FireEdit

In Catching Fire, Katniss and Peeta went to District 2 on their victory tour where they see Clove's grieving family, and try to avoid eye contact. Katniss states that the appearance in District 2 was awful, and that both the tributes Cato and Clove could have made it home if not for her and Peeta.

Clove appeared in one of Katniss' nightmares before the 75th Hunger Games. She stabbed Katniss in the cheek and then turned into a mutt and began to lick Katniss' wound, causing Katniss great pain. Clove reminded her that she can't run away from her fears and the Hunger Games themselves, thereafter turning into a mutt and chasing Katniss.


In the Games, Clove being a Career tribute, had medicine, food, water, weapons and other supplies from the Cornucopia. The supplies were destroyed from the mines the boy from District 3 set up. Clove was left with her throwing knives that she got from the Cornucopia.


Clove was strong, dangerous and powerful. She has a strong hatred for Katniss due to her high score given by the Gamemakers and the fact that Katniss kept killing her allies. When she had captured Katniss at the Cornucopia, she joyfully said she was going to make it a slow and torturous death. Clove is also smart, having supported Marvel in his idea to keep Peeta alive to get to Katniss, and was smart enough to go to the lake to heal her tracker jacker wounds. She was raised with the Career mindset.

Physical appearanceEdit

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Clove, like most Careers, is strong, healthy, brawny and fit. She has dark hair (since her mutt had dark fur) and green eyes (Catching Fire, chapter 9). Clove is described as being 5'4".

Film portrayalEdit

She will be portrayed by Isabelle Fuhrman in the upcoming The Hunger Games film.


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