Name: Yuchae | Age: 15/16 (no one knows for sure) | She's lived in an orphanage until she was 13. She was adopted by a young couple, who are now her mother and father. She barely smiles, but when she does, it lights up the world. She treats everything and everyone with love and care. She’s been beaten quite a few times, but thanks to her first aid skills and her passion for love, she’s cared for them so well that no scars are left. She’s never had any brothers or sisters. Her best friend back at the orphanage, Yujin, is the closest thing she’s ever had as a sister. They kind of look alike in a way too, causing some people to confuse them for siblings. If she cares for you enough, she’d risk her life for you...

Name: Suyin | Age: 15 | Her father used to abuse her; use her as his personal slave. He’d never let her out of his sight nor let her exit the house. Even if she needed fresh air, he would bring in a fan and stuff it in her face. He was cruel down to the bone. Her mother was the exact opposite. She loved and cared with all her might and would die for someone she loved. That was the case. Suyin’s mother died when she was trying to protect her from a car running over them. She pushed Suyin aside and took the full blow from the car, causing her death. Suyin’s life hasn’t been the same since. But now, her father is gone, in jail, and she lives with her aunt and uncle in a wealthy neighborhood. She smiles almost every day and can’t stay still in one place. She must roam around every corner of a new area, and re-explore the old ones. She seems to have forgotten how to love though...


I’ve been an orphan since birth. Or at least as long as I can remember. No one knows who my parents are...not even the people at the orphanage, where I’ve lived most of my childhood. There’s thousands of kids there and we all know each other and get along well. Some of us are in relationships even. We’re all divided by ages...more like how tall we should be for our age, but some people who are too tall are put into the wrong age section, which sucks for them. Same thing if you’re a shorty. Most of us wait our entire lives to be adopted; taken into a home with caring parents and love and taken care of. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some of us live here all our lives and are released into the outside world when we’re eighteen, which is the last year we’re permitted to be in an orphanage. I, though, didn’t care if I was adopted. I was perfectly happy here with all my friends and the small bits of food they gave us. The kids here were really smart. Some knew how to hack into the computers that we weren’t allowed to use and some could make a hole in the fence that kept us inside to go and look around. Most of them were found and brought back here though.

Then, came the day I left the orphanage.

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