Template:Character Template:Quote Caesar Flickerman is the interviewer of the tributes for the Hunger Games. He is famous for turning any conversation around for the positive, and is known to change the color of his lips, hair, and eyelids for each Hunger Games.

The 74th Hunger GamesEdit


In the 74th Hunger Games, he is shown to help tributes in each district with their interviews. This year his hair, lips and eyelids were dyed powder blue. While Caesar interviews Rue they discuss her chances of winning, because the odds are aganist her. Rue says that she is fast and if they can't catch her they can't kill her and to not count her out, to which Caesar replies "I wouldn't in a million years".

While interviewing Katniss, he helps her because she does not do well in front of cameras. For example, when he asks Katniss what she liked the most since she came to the Capitol, she answers, "The lamb stew." He remarks that he can eat it by buckets and makes a horrified face when he asks the crowd if it shows. This comment also determines a gift later in the Hunger Games.

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When he interviewed Peeta, the two of them were described as a good team that bantered easily. It was to Caesar in this interview that Peeta first revealed his love for Katniss, shocking everyone, including her. The interview was said to have gone down amazingly with the audience.

After the Games were over and they had an interview with Katniss and Peeta, he mainly conversed with Peeta since Katniss was not as talented at interviews.

The 75th Hunger GamesEdit

As he did with the previous Games, Caesar helped the tributes in the 75th Hunger Games with their interviews. This year his hair, lips and eyelids were dyed lavender. While interviewing the tributes, most of them were bad mouthing the Capitol as a sign of rebellion. When he interviews Katniss he mentions the wedding during Katniss's interview, as she was wearing her dress. On his request Katniss twirled, which causes the dress to change into a mockingjay outfit-thus supporting the rebellion. Caesar then interviewed Peeta, who claimed that he had been unofficially married to Katniss for months and that she is pregnant. While both claims are false, they explain Katniss's sudden breakdown and obtain sympathy. This revelation caused the audience to go wild, blowing away everyone else's interviews as Peeta also did the year before when he told everyone about his love for Katniss. This also upset the capitol audience enormously because they had grown to love Katniss and Peeta and the thought that they would not both survive after being so close to each other,and that an unborn baby would probably be killed in the arena, overwhelmed them. This resulted in some of them supporting the rebellion, not the Games.

At the end of Caesar's interviews, all of the victors stood and held hands as a show of unity; this influenced the Capitol audience further still.


In the book Mockingjay, Caesar interviews a tortured Peeta. Caesar asks him questions like how he feels about the rebels and Katniss. While Peeta is explaining he tells him and the audience how it feels to be in the Hunger Games, which fascinates them because no victor has ever spoken of this. Caesar tries to make Peeta as comfortable as possible during the interview. It is cut short when Peeta asks to go back to his cell.

Caesar interviews Peeta for the second time.This interview is short, during this interview the two exchange empty comments to each other. Caesar asks Peeta about the rumors of Katniss shooting a propo. Peeta tells him that she probably doesn't know what they are doing to her and to not trust them. The last thing Peeta says before the interview ends is for Katniss to find out what they are doing.

Caesar interviews Peeta a third time. During the interview, Peeta states he thinks they should end the war with a ceasefire because if they have a war it could mean the end of all living things. Caesar questions Peeta's statement and asks him more on his thoughts of the rebellion. Peeta warns the rebels of the impending bomb attack from the Capitol on District 13. The interview is cut short when the Peacekeepers go on stage and beat Peeta and take him away to receive a punishment.


Caesar is known for being helpful and brings out the best in the tributes. He is also known to like the Capitol's lamb stew. He thinks of himself as a little on the "tubby" side and loves Katniss' interview dress in the first book and asks her to twirl.


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Caesar has had the same general appearance ever since he began hosting the Hunger Games Interviews over forty years prior to the 75th Hunger Games. He wears a midnight blue suit dotted with a thousand tiny electric bulbs that twinkle like stars. He has had plastic surgery to hide his true age, as many other people in The Capitol have. The only difference in Caesar's appearance is his hair, eyelids and lips, which he colors differently every new Hunger Games:

  • 50th HG - Dark Green was Caesar's color of the year
  • 73rd HG - Caesar's color was Crimson and Katniss said that it made him look like he was bleeding the entire time he was onstage.
  • 74th HG - Powder Blue, which Katniss described as looking freakish
  • 75th HG - Lavender was Caesar's color of the year


Stanley Tucci will be portraying Caesar in the film adaptation of the Hunger Games

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