Template:Character Brutus was the male tribute from District 2 in the 75th Hunger Games. He was also the victor of a previous Games.


The Third Quarter QuellEdit

Brutus was named seemingly perfectly as it mirrors his brutality and strength. When Brutus came of age he volunteered to take part in an Unknown Hunger Games, he was a Career Tribute, part of the main pack, but won his Games in the end by using an unknown method. Brutus won his Games fairly close to the time fellow District 2 Tribute, Lyme, had won her games. Both herself and Brutus became mentors for later Tributes, though it is unknown who mentored Enobaria roughly ten years after their victory.

When the time came for the Third Quarter Quell the Victors were the chosen Tributes once again to show that even they do not over power the Capitol. Brutus happily volenteered to partake in the 75th Hunger Games, saying he wanted to be back in the action, and was pooled with the reaped Enobaria.

During training Brutus and Peeta got on each others' good side and when Brutus saw Katniss' skill with a bow and arrow along with her combined strength and tacticle knowledge, Brutus expressed interest in an alliance with the two to Haymitch, telling him that they should consider the alliance. Katniss turned down his offer though and decided herself that the two should go into the arena without any allies this time.

Before the start of the Quell, during the interviews with each of the Quell's participants, Brutus reluctantly joined hands with the other Victors as a chain meant to symbolize their strength.

Inside the Arena, Brutus, Enobaria, Cashmere and Gloss came to the Cornucopia, where he had shown a unique way of dodging Katniss's arrows with his belt. Though he along with the other Careers were driven off by Katniss and Finnick who made it there before the Careers. While Katniss and Finnick left with Mags and Peeta, Brutus and the other Careers stayed and helped massacre the competition, chasing off Johanna, Blight, Wiress and Beetee after Enobaria stabbed Beetee in the back with a knife. At the end of the Bloodbath there were 8 victors killed overall.

Together, Brutus, Cashmere and Gloss followed the Rebel Alliance's tributes in the Arena (Those left being Wiress, Beetee, Mags, Finnick, The Female Morphling, Johanna, Blight, Chaff, Katniss and Peeta). Over time the Alliance shrunk with the deaths of Mags, The Female Morphling and Blight and the remaining members (minus Chaff who was off on his own) traveled back to the Cornucopia to retrieve any Weapons they needed that had been left behind. Gloss killed Wiress and he and Cashmere died shortly after that, leaving Brutus with Enobaria, the two attack briefly, injuring Peeta and Finnick before retreating.


Back in the jungle the alliance soon learns that with the death of the District 10 Male, that the Games are now down to them and the two from District 2. Beetee sets up a plan to electrocute the water and cut off Brutus and Enobaria's resources and he sends Katniss with Johanna to run the line across the jungle, though Brutus and Enobaria pursue them.

Johanna stops and cuts out Katniss' tracking device and makes it appear Katniss is dead so she can lead Brutus and Enobaria away from her. In the chaos that followed Enobaria stabs Beetee yet again but doesn't manage to kill him as Finnick chases her away from him. Brutus runs into Peeta who had recently met up with Chaff, in a battle that follows Chaff is killed by Brutus and Peeta in a fit of rage kills Brutus only seconds later as revealed by Peeta in Mockingjay. Brutus placed 7th out of 24 and was the last to actually place, as shortly after his death Katniss destroyed the arena and ended the Games, leaving the six surviving tributes' placing undecided.


Brutus is a former Victor, prompting him to mentor other tributes from District 2. It is presumed that he mentored Cato and Clove during the 74th Hunger Games, alongside Enobaria.


  • Brutus was the last tribute to die in an official Hunger Games.
  • According to Katniss, Brutus couldn't wait to get back in the game.


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