Template:Character Bonnie is a girl from District 8. She looks to be about Katniss's age in Catching Fire, which is 17. She has crooked teeth and a strawberry birthmark over one of her chocolate brown eyes. She goes to school and is taught by Twill, and then works 4-hour shifts on the loading dock at a factory where they make Peacekeeper uniforms.

Once District 8 started an uprising in Catching Fire, they were beaten down and defeated. As punishment, they had to remain in their homes for a week. Finally, when they were allowed to go back to work, Bonnie and Twill were late getting from the school to the factory. The factory was bombed before they made it there, which saved their lives but regretfully killed Twill's husband and Bonnie's entire family. The two disguised themselves in the Peacekeeper's uniforms and escaped to the woods surrounding District 12. However, Bonnie had twisted her ankle and had to use a branch as a crutch, slowing her down considerably.

Soon, she and Twill arrived at District 12, where they met Katniss. They informed Katniss that they intended to go to District 13, because they believed there were others there who supported the rebellion. We learn this is true in the end of Catching Fire.

She reminded Katniss of Rue when she asked about eating the roll Katniss handed her.

In Mockingjay, Bonnie and Twill did not make it to District 13, so their fates are unknown, but they are most likely dead, Katniss states.

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